April, May, June 2022 Single Oracle/Rune/Tarot

Wednesday April 13 2022

Card: the world
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: the sorceress completes her spell and the bond is sealed. Only at this moment of accomplishment can one feel the true nature within the emotion, of realizing your heart’s desire.


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Celtic Tree Oracle

(By: Sharlyn Hidalgo & Illustrated By: Jimmy Manton)

I shuffled the Celtic Tree Oracle deck 3 times & took the next 3 cards off the top & drew:

16. Ailim Silver Fir/Pine

Keywords Foresight, Higher Perspective, Inner Vision, the Higher Self, Higher Dimensions, Unseen Realm, Clear Vision, Progress, Insight

The Ailim Silver Fir represents clear-sightedness. She helps us see the big picture. We are encouraged by her to learn from our past mistakes & make new choices based on a higher perspective. She asks us to take the longer view. This tree offers us a spiritual infusion of understanding & brings us insight & expanded awareness. Fr holds the love of the Great Goddess. She can heal & support us through any situation. The wisdom of this tree encourages us to take the high road & to apply the words & ways of spirit. This tree is especially helpful as we make resolutions of any kind & speaks to the turning of the wheel after the Winter Solstice. The ogham for this tree Ailim & the letter A.

16. Ailim Silver Fir/Pine Upright

Ailim Silver Fir asks you to imagine climbing the tallest fir or pine on the highest mountain & become the eagle looking out from its branches. From this wide perspective, your personal worries & concerns seem comparatively small. From here, you can see your situation from the larger view of spirit. Take it in. How do things look from this perspective?

Fir reminds you that you have a choice as to how you respond to your life situations, the rewards & challenges. Fir encourages you to take the high road, to rise above the mundane & seek a higher understanding. In order to do this, you are encouraged to spend some time in silence as you seek clarity. The words & ways of spirit are not the ways of the world. You can become the expression of these higher words & ways. The test, fo course, is applying them to your daily life with all of its ups & downs. And are you willing to do this? Are you willing to share your wisdom with others?

You are promised Divine assistance. This tree offers you spiritual understanding, the unconditional love of the Great Mother, & healing. Close your eyes, breathe, & receive this infusion of love. You are encouraged to let go & allow spirit to show you the way. This does take some humility, but it also takes courage to follow the path of love. This is not a religious set of rules or requirements. The question is: What would love do here?

After my day so far, this really means something today. I hope that someone else in the coven is assisted by this card also :hugs:


Thursday, April 15, 2022

Inner Child Oracle

(By: Amanda Lynn Hails)

I shuffled the deck 3 times & took the top 3 off the deck & drew:

Breathe In

Our breath responds to what we are feeling & experiencing throughout the day. Practice taking deep, full breaths at a normal pace. Once you have a rhythm, breathe at this pace as you go about your day, checking in on yourself periodically. Deep breathing can help us navigate stressful events, & bring relaxation & peace.


Lately I have really been going through it. Life has been kicking my butt HARD. I’ve been trying to calm down, learn to let things go, move forward, relax, and BREATHE!!! I had a very stressful thing happen a week ago, and had to talk to someone about it today who I had not wanted to really hear what was going to be said back. I had to deal with it, for the benefit of my child because it’s for him. FAMILY, can be very stressful at times. So deep breathing has been a practice of mine more than ever lately. It’s helped me through the day and kept me from crying a couple of times LOL (btw, I hate that I’m a cryer.) SO I’m trying to find things like deep breathing, to keep me from crying, having panic attacks, and being super stressed out. So this definitely applied to me today! LOVE IT!


My dear you are going to get through this, family can be a tough thing to navigate.

Honestly, I was never a crier until about a few months ago, but since I have gotten through all of that, I’m getting better about it :joy:

Breathing really helps me get through some difficult parts of the day too or even fall asleep. I’m happy that it is working for you too! :heartpulse:


Saturday, April 16, 2022

Today is the Full Moon :full_moon: 100% illuminated. The moon is in the astrology sign of Libra :libra:

The exact date and time of this Full phase is on April 16, 2022 at 18:55 UTC
(Moon phase today: Lunar calendar)

Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards
by Yasmin Boland, Artwork by Lori Menna

Full Moon in Libra
Find a Balance

Manifesting Balance:
Find a balance between your own needs and what you do for others.

Manifesting Ritual for Opening the Heart:

  1. Add Jasmine essential oil to your diffuser.
  2. Find a comfortable position and close your eyes.
  3. Call in a Goddess of love, abundance, and/or beauty, such as Lakshmi or Aphrodite, etc.
  4. Ask your Goddess to open your heart and fill you with love, kindness, and gratitude.

‘There is love all around me. I am loveable!’

The best time to work your magic is when the Moon is in Libra.


  • Boland, Yasmin. Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards Guidebook Carlsbad, CA: Hay Hay House Inc., 2021.
  • Moon phase today: Lunar calendar https://lunaf.com/lunar-calendar/

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Rune Draw


Magical uses: Fertility, Bringing a Situation to an End, Building and Releasing Magickal Energy, Protection, Passion
Keywords: Fertility, Male Procreative Force, Channeling Energy, Completion, Safety

A few more passages from Lisa Chamberlain’s book for reference:

“Ingwaz is the rune of the fertility god Ing (also known as Ingwaz) and is associated with masculine sexuality and male potency. This is the springtime energy of plant life emerging after the depths of winter, and the procreation of all life on Earth. Depending on the context of the reading, drawing Ingwaz may indicate a healthy and hearty sexual relationship. However, it can also refer more generally to procreative energy being channelled through specific means, such as a project, a business endeavour, or a journey. Whatever is propelling you forward in a positive way at the moment, Ingwaz is acknowledging and confirming that the energy behind it is potent and heading for substantial results.”

“As a related meaning, Ingwaz also symbolizes completion. An old phase of your life is coming to an end, freeing up the energy for new phenomena to enter your experience. Problems are resolved or about to be solved, and great relief follows. Alternatively, Ingwaz may be signalling that you are reaching your full potential in the matter at hand and that it’s time to let go and let the situation play itself out. Trust that you have done the necessary work—the energy you’re feeling around this is ultimately positive, and relief is in sight. Ingwaz is widely considered a highly auspicious rune, signalling a major event or turning point in your life that leads to satisfying results. A dream may very well be coming true.”

“Additional Meanings
Ing is also a god of the home and hearth, and so Ingwaz indicates safety and a loving family environment. Your home and everyone in it is protected. If you were feeling anxious about some kind of threat to your well-being in this regard, you can relax. Enjoy a sense of peace, prosperity, and satisfaction with your life at this time. This is indeed a rune of good fortune.”

Ingwaz has no reversed meaning.

Source: Monday’s Rune draw - Ingwaz


Sunday, April 17, 2022

Inner Child Oracle

(By: Amanda Lynn Hails)

I took a more intuitive approach today & came up with:

Remember The Good

In life it can be easy to focus on what is missing, on what could be better. But if that is where our attention stays it will hinder us from being able to absorb the magic of living. Take time today to purposefully acknowledge the good things in your life, those that are around you & those that you have accomplished.

I was the first person awake this morning & it’s my husband’s only day off to sleep. As the house started stirring, I moved my way to the living room so the kids didn’t come in looking for me but woke him. When I went in, I was thinking about what oracle :thinking: should I pull from today & the Inner Child Oracle was the one :bulb:, however, I picked up my laptop & coffee :coffee: & then left the room. So I had to go by the images of the cards that I have saved on my laptop.

I took 3 slow deep breaths with my eyes closed. Breathing in healing, guidance, & love. Breathing out all stresses, expectations, & worries. Then I let my pointer rest & this was the card it was resting on.

It’s interesting because today is Easter :rabbit2: :hatching_chick:, we have a family dinner. My son is going to a church with his friend for the first time since I can’t remember when. So I told him, you will either enjoy it or you won’t. I have my own belief system but I leave your beliefs up to you. I also told him that I would like to hear what he thinks because I was brought up Roman Catholic :latin_cross:, have been to a Christian Church, we have Jehovah’s Witnesses in town, my birth mother was Episcopalian & then a Reborn Christian, we have a Jewish Community, & we have practicing pagans/witches in town. So he has been exposed to many different faiths & belief systems. I’m happy :hugs: that he is exploring them.

Yesterday though, my husband & I were just discussing how we miss when the kids were much younger & just being noodle heads on Easter. We just enjoyed the company of the family. There was cooking & baking & shows & games. Everything is changing faster than I ever thought it would. :dizzy:


Monday, April 18, 2022

Tarot of the Divine Draw

Yoshi Yoshitani (Inspired by Deities, Folklore, & Fairy Tales)

The Wheel of Fortune

Ghana, Akan Mythology

The Wheel of Fortune is endlessly turning, spun by a trickster god. What was once luck is now misfortune; what was hopeless is now joyous. These acts may seem random, but all fates are part of an interconnected web of repercussions.
Upright - Fortune, an unexpected windfall, karma, destiny, cycles


Tuesday April 19 2022

Card: death
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: he is patient and ever watchful. Impervious to rank or structure and imparts the ongoing change to us all. We must accept and welcome him, in order to thrive anew at his coming.


Thank you for sharing! :heart: I love this deck so much.


Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Tarot of the Divine Draw

Yoshi Yoshitani (Inspired by Deities, Folklore, & Fairy Tales)

**Two of Wands :wand_tarot: **

Italy, Roman Mythology
The Two of Wands represents travel & commerce. Janus, the God of Doorways & Transition, is able to look to the past & the future in order to make effective decisions. He is always in motion, connecting dreams with actual possibilities.

Reversed - Indecision, doubt, fear of the unknown, playing it safe

Today is the start of Taurus :taurus: season!


Wednesday April 20 2022

Card: the moon
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: on halcyon shores its reflection is cast. Far have we travelled from our primordial days of trepidation at its sight, it now inspires and enchants. Under its canopy we continue to dream the dreamers dream.


Friday, April 22, 2022

Inner Child Oracle

(By: Amanda Lynn Hails)

I took a more intuitive approach today & came up with:

You Are Going In The Right Direction

On this journey, there will be many voices that call to you of the “right” way to go, but truly only you know your path. Sometimes it might seem as though you are lost or that you are going in circles but trust that you are where you need to be. You will learn all that you need when you surrender to the flow & trust your intuition.

I don’t know who saw my group ritual attempt but it was exciting & shocking & surprising! My intuition is so much clearer now & I have been working on this for so long. It was there, then it seemed it faded away & then it started coming back, stalled, went in reverse, then came back after months of working through shadows & such. :smiling_face:


Saturday, April 23, 2022

Inner Child Oracle

(By: Amanda Lynn Hails)

I shuffled 3 times, removed the top 3 cards & flipped over the top card:

Live Intentionally

Today be mindful of your routines & rituals, ones that are purposeful & ones that are unconscious, creating space to practice discipline in these areas. At bedtime each night, plan one small action for the next day. It is also a good practice to pause throughout your day & ask yourself how you can live intentionally right now.

My intuition has been getting better over the last couple of months. I’m learning to differentiate between that & my anxiety, overthinking, etc. I also watched a video that may be good for Simple Techniques to Develop your Intuition :bulb: or Developing your Intuition :eye:. It’s a video by the witches cookery on YouTube Developing Your Intuition - The witches cookery, I found it very easy & beginner-friendly for getting started or for going back to trusting it in the first place. I’m working on trusting it more now that I have overcome some things that were clouding what I was actually feeling.


Saturday April 23 2022

Card: nine of cups (upright)
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: i languish in the sensual pleasure of you and this night. My wish fulfilled at you saying that you will be mine forever more.



23 March 2022

by Sophie Bashford, Artwork by Hillary Wilson

New beginnings

When I first drew this card, I thought it was symbolic of Spring. Next, I looked up the meaning and I realized that the message for me is much different.

Yet Persephone invites you to see things differently: as an opportunity for new beginnings.

Persephone, help me to begin again,
taking sacred lessons from the challenges
I’ve faced. Stand beside me as I
emerge renewed from the darkness.

So if I can’t change the situation that is causing me stress, I can change my perception. This makes so much sense! I already feel better.


@Nikita-mikaelson if ever the themes of my morning were in a list, you nailed it. Well, I gave a lot of gratitude for the abundance, success, & well-being assistance & recent blessings for myself & my family. :heart:

@marsha thank you for posting & I’m so happy that it made you feel better. I feel like in a couple of situations I have had to do the same thing & need to remember to do it more often than not. :smiling_face:


April 24 2022 Sunday

Card : death ( upright)
Deck ; anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: he is patient and ever watchful. Impervious to rank or stature and imparts the ongoing change to us all. We must accept and welcome him, in order to thrive anew at his coming.

Deep changes


That’s an interesting card for today! I think a lot of people feel that change is coming…
Thank you for sharing!