April, May, June 2022 Single Oracle/Rune/Tarot

Thank you for sharing this card, its definitely a feeling of change in the air.


Sunday, April 24, 2022

Radiant Crystal Oracle Deck

• By: BouchetteDesign.com
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(I shuffled 3 times & took the top 3 cards off & drew)

Moss Agate

  • Prosperity, New Beginning, Nurturing


    • Heart :heart:

Astrological Sign

    • Virgo :virgo:


    • I live with abundance & am confident with every step I take.


    • Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings & carries nurturing energy. It attracts prosperity & helps with self-esteem. It balances emotions, releases fear, & encourages trust, hope, & confidence.

Flower/Herb :hibiscus:/:herb:

    • Daffodil :hibiscus:
      • Good Fortune
      • New Beginnings
      • Renewal

This is actually a very resonating stone for this week after processing last week’s events & changes.

I hope it makes sense with someone else within the coven :heart:


Monday, April 25, 2022

Rune Draw

Ehwaz :ehwaz:

Source Credit

“The shape of Ehwaz :ehwaz: is symbolic of the horse, revered as a sacred animal in the cultures of the ancient Germanic tribes. This rune represents the qualities of faith, loyalty, and trust—all necessary to a successful relationship between a horse and its rider. Ehwaz :ehwaz: is a rune of partnership and friendship and indicates the need to be faithful and accountable to the people in your life. If the reading is about a relationship, drawing Ehwaz :ehwaz: is a good sign that these crucial aspects are present for both people involved. The concept of faithfulness also applies to yourself and your goals. If your reading is about a specific pursuit, Ehwaz :ehwaz: is reminding you that you have what it takes to accomplish it, but you must dedicate yourself fully to the endeavor in order to see it through. Steady progress is made by placing one foot in front of the other. Provided you do your part, the support you need will arise and you will gain momentum.”


  • Chamberlain, Lisa. Runes for Beginners: A Guide to Reading Runes in Divination, Rune Magic, and the Meaning of the Elder Futhark Runes. Chamberlain Publications, 2018.

Ehwaz BrightStave


  • Thorsson, Edred. Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic: A Complete Guide to Interpreting Runes, Rune Lore, and the Art of Runecasting. Red Wheel/Weiser, 2018.

Once I have finished the information post for the Ehwaz Rune tomorrow (Tuesday) I will link the post to this rune draw. I did draw the rune Bright Stave this morning & added that for the meaning today :heart:


Further information: Ehwaz - 19th Rune of the Elder Futhark & 3rd in Tyr’s Aett :ehwaz:


Monday April 25 2022

Card: six of cups (upright)
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: we are indeed blessed as we offer our gift to you. It shall enable you to feel reborn into a new world, with the ability to gaze anew with childlike innocence to the colours with the dark.



As I am still working with the spiral I thought it would be nice to draw a labirinth card.
These are coming from the Labyrinth wisdom cards by Tony Christie It s not available at Amazon anymore.

I am in a sort of empty fase, I have tried to make my own business, I gave workshops, the mala’s , readings, and a while ago it seemed growing, but it came at a stand still. Inside of me there’s a lot of change so somehow it also didn’t fit anymore. Things have to grow, become clear and I don’t know where it is heading to. I am working freelance as a care taker, mostly for people with Alzheimer’s and sometimes at day care activity centers. I like to work with people, but this is not my real calling.

The path of the witch feels old to me but it’s only also just beginning and I have a lot of things to learn.
It can make me feel vulnerable and insecure, and it is a leap of faith. But I do know I have to do this, there is just no other way


Tuesday April 26 2022

Card: ace of swords (upright)
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: through introspection and prayer we can look within ourselves and find the answers we seek. Only by being honest can we overcome and triumph.

Mental clarity


Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Celtic Tree Oracle

(By: Sharlyn Hidalgo & Illustrated By: Jimmy Manton)

I shuffled the Celtic Tree Oracle deck 3 times & took the next 3 cards off the top & drew:

13. Ngetal Reed

Keywords Direct Action, Movement, Focus, Intention, Conviction, On Purpose, Progress, Skill, Becoming a Hollow Reed

The Ngetal Reed initiates the twelfth lunation of the year & the autumnal equinox, also known as Mabon & Alban Elved. We celebrate the harvest, now. Thus, we honor completions & also prepare for the coming of winter. This portal calls for direct action towards the month in which we can set & deliver our last intentions for the year’s ending. The double helix of our DNA is a symbol for this portal. Reed includes grasses, bamboo, cattails, & other plants with long, hollow shoots. The ogham for Reed is Ngetal & the letter NG.

13. Ngetal Reed Reversed

Perhaps you are avoiding taking responsibility for your situation. You cannot win, now, by simply by biding your time. Don’t let life pass you by; get busy & get going. Perhaps you are too sedentary. If so, get off the couch & start walking. Tidy up. Use your energy in a positive way. Begin to move, little by little, baby step by baby step. You have some work to do before you reach your goals & inspirations. You need more practice & skill & knowledge.

Ask for the energy of Reed if you are stuck or blocked. Imagine that you are the archer – take your bow & arrow, & with great skill & purpose, shoot the arrow to your bullseye. Allow the intention of your focus to carry you forward. Ask spirit for help. Set your intention to be a hollow Reed for spirit to work through you as you focus on your intention.


Thursday, April 28, 2022

Celtic Tree Oracle

(By: Sharlyn Hidalgo & Illustrated By: Jimmy Manton)

I shuffled the Celtic Tree Oracle deck 3 times & took the next 3 cards off the top & drew:

14. Straif Blackthorn

Keywords Protection, Boundaries, Fate, Strife, Negation, Outside Influences, Disruption, Learning from Challenges, Drawing on Spiritual Strength, New Direction, or Opportunity, Renewal

Straif Blackthorn shares the twelfth lunation with Reed but represents different themes & energies. Blackthorn’s main question is this: How do we deal with seemingly negative situations? Do we see them as purposeful? Does it matter how we approach them? A difficult & disruptive period often marks the beginning of a necessary, deep change. We face the death of another year of life as we approach winter. This tree gives us clues on how to best go through difficult times & hard challenges. Blackthorn advises us to make adversarial forces our allies. The ogham for Blackthorn is Straif & the letters SS, ST, & Z.

14. Straif Blackthorn Reversed

Reversed, Straif Blackthorn indicates that perhaps you are dwelling on your difficulty & letting it overcome you. It is possible that you are feeding the negative by your words, thoughts, & actions. If this is the case, the negativity in the situation can only increase. If you focus on what you don’t like or what you don’t want, you only get more.

You now have the opportunity to turn things around. Focus on the positive – or at least get to the neutral. Sometimes all we can do is weather the storm, so batten down the hatches.

Remember, your attitude is everything. Are you blaming others? Self-responsibility is the way out of difficulty. Change yourself. Become what you want to be. Create the world you want to live in. Forgiveness is a place to begin.


Thursday April 28 2022

Card: justice (upright)
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: in her hands, she wields the double edged sword of justice. She is fully aware of causality and imparts her principles with equality, balance and the quest for truth, in all matters.

Karmic justice


@Siofra_Strega Todays card was 100% ON POINT. :woman_facepalming:t4: BUT - it’s just what I needed to hear. I am struggling with depression and I can’t beat it or even handle it and tame it this time. I’ve been doing many things, too much to get into. But, this confirmed I know what I need to do. I just NEED TO DO IT. I was telling my boyfriend tonight my negative thinking has taken over my brain and as soon as I think something positive, something negative follows and it’s my mindset. I have to retrain my brain to think and be positive. Mental illness is no joke and this is the worst I’ve ever been depressed. (As I’ve said before, my sons father died not even a year ago yet. He was 31 years old. My son was only 12. It’s been a shock, rough, and stressful time that I’ve let myself go, forgotten who I am, idk what I wanna do with my life after finishing college and getting into law school. I didn’t go to law school, because I had three family members pass away within a year and a half. Now idk what I want to do. But I’ve really been thinking maybe I do need to finish my dream, and go back into law school. And my negative thinking keeps me from moving forward. I said this all this evening. I get on here, and I read this. Amazing how this forum, website, and community has made me feel not only better about myself and life, but free and alive again and happy about something. I’m glad my intuition is always right. I’m glad I read things that relate to my situation and can back me up with the push I need of motivation to get through this rough patch and find my place in the universe again. :heart: Thanks for doing these. Really, it makes me feel so much better. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Friday April 29 2022

Card: the fool (upright)
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: to his newborn glance, a world of innocence and wonder awaits. Yet, shall it be the he will heed the dangers that await. His all too innocent gaze.



Wow, what an awesome card! :sword_tarot: :dragon: Thanks so much for sharing!


Saturday, April 30, 2022

Celtic Tree Oracle

(By: Sharlyn Hidalgo & Illustrated By: Jimmy Manton)

I shuffled the Celtic Tree Oracle deck 3 times & took the next 3 cards off the top & drew:

5. Nuin Ash

Keywords The Microcosm & the Macrocosm, Reflections, Mirrors, Uniting Inner & Outer Worlds, “As Above, So Below”

The Nuin Ash initiates in the fifth lunation of the year. This tree represents the world tree. Yggdrasil, from which the Norse god Odin hung for nine days & nights & was rewarded with the runes. Surrender & compassion are this tree’s message, as it teaches us about receptivity & intuition. Ash invites us to dive deep into our own inner wisdom. It is here that we meet the mystery. This is the place of enchantment & magic. We have the influence of water & the magic of the water sprites & mermaids. We follow the cycles of the moon. We drift into dreams & visions & reverie. The ogham for this tree is Nuin & the letter N.

5. Nuin Ash Reversed

Perhaps you are struggling with an addiction that has gotten you into trouble & have hit your bottom. If you have been attempting to medicate your pain, rather than face it., know that there are great riches awarded to those who are willing to finally deal with their own demons. It is time to think about a strategy for healing & to ask for help. None of us are meant to go it alone.

You may be feeling isolated. Your loneliness can become incapacitating. In truth, you are not separate & never can be. Take a walk in nature, looking with your inner eyes & listening with your inner ears. This will help you to understand that you are a part of a greater whole, & that there is much to receive & much to offer.

Sometimes we suffer becacuse we feel so much. Sometimes life is beyond our understanding. If you are psychic & sympathetic it can be hard for you. This is a good time to learn some basic strategies for psychic protection. Tears can be a release when you feel the pain of the world. Prayer, meditation, & connection to your source can relieve suffering & bring renewal & a greater sense of understanding.

Finally, ask yourself if you are saying, “yes” too often & self-sacrificing for others. Are you acting like a doormat or a martyr? If so, receiving Nuin Ash reversed may be a call to set up boundaries & practice saying, “no”.


Sunday may 1 2022

Card: ten of pentacles (upright)
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: in the dark sepulchre i sit and gloat, at all my worldly goods laid along my once supple carapace. And here i shall stay in the permanence of my tomb. Happy and content at the knowledge that they once thought me grand!.

Keywords: wealth, comfort, sharing, providing, family, ancestors, financial security, long term success, contribution


Thank you @Nikita-mikaelson for sharing today! I hope you had a lovely sabbat! :sparkles:


Not exactly i was too sick to celebrate. Most i did was send out a prayer to my deities to help me get better.


That’s okay though! Every prayer is heard no matter how you feel. Take it easy as much as you can to take care of yourself :two_hearts:



I wanted to share my Monday Message with everyone here, too :heart: This usually goes in my newsletter and my Discord community but here you go! You get it, too! :sword_tarot:

Spirits and Shadows Oracle

Truth asks us to honor where we are. We need to be open to the honesty of others but we also need to be more honest ourselves. Ask yourself if there’s something you’re not being honest about, whether to others or yourself, and why that is. Try to move forward and be more honest, be more open and authentic, and be more you.


@MeganB You know, a private message when you call me out is much more pleasing… :rofl: I’m teasing, BUT definitely had something on my mind & this nails it on the head! So in all honesty, thank you for deciding to share your Monday Message with us! It’s the kick-in toosh I need to get this text/call out of the way about something. :two_hearts:


Oh geez lol everyone has been saying the same thing, too :laughing: I feel it really hard this morning, too.