April, May, June 2022 Single Oracle/Rune/Tarot

Monday may 2 2022

Card: six of swords (upright)
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: if your journey has brought you here, then it is not over. You are not happy in this place. So seek the right place to be and always know that i am with you.

Keywords: transition, change, traveling, moving on, healing, calm, rite of passage, releasing baggage.


Monday, May 2, 2022

image source - Goddess Power Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid

Empowerment message: When the joyful Japanese goddess of laughter and mirth, Uzume, enters your day, be playful and cultivate good-natured humor. Laughter is the best medicine and exceptionally healing at this time. Keep your focus on fun and positivity, and see the humor if you can. Life is not meant to be all work and no play, all focus, and no release! Humor fosters resilience and lightheartedness alleviates emotional pain, giving a much-needed break from the burdens and speed of life. Now is the time for you to be silly, laugh more, and even take up laughing yoga! Yes, the world is serious, and your dreams and desires are too, but the goddess Uzume reminds you to enjoy your life and have fun!

Alignment message: Have you been taking yourself and your life too seriously lately? Has life become a burden? Do you feel indentured to a project or person, and the heaviness of it all makes it difficult to believe there could be relief? Well the laughing goddess Uzume has arrived to let you know to stop right now and be playful. Look for the funny, ridiculous, and foolish I n the world. It’s time for some comedy. Be like a child today. Finger paint, call; your funniest friends, and do laughing yoga! Have a giggle fest! The goddess Uzume reminds you when you get too serious, she will help you laugh. This is the right way to balance all the lard work you’ve been doing lately. You are so loved.

Blessed Be :dizzy:


Oh my, I did this yesterday, I was doubled over laughing with belly pain… it was so much fun. Thank you for sharing!

@Nikita-mikaelson thank you for sharing, this makes a lot of sense too! :hugs:


Tuesday may 3 2022

Card: judgement (upright)
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: the black grave on witch she kneels, is but a cover to the dark realm the lies beyond. Dose she bring salvation; is that a promise on the edge of her lips or a whisper of absolution.


Mental clarity
Inner calling


Thank you for continuing to post each day. I will admit that I am going through some things & I don’t always get to the single draws, but you have kept it going! I can’t express how appreciative I am for your participation over the last week or so. :two_hearts:


@Siofra_Strega i try im not really good at helping but i can keep posting tarot draws easily so i try to contribute that way. Im glad its at least helped someone


You do a wonderful job & I definitely appreciate it during the week I’ve had :two_hearts:

Tomorrow I’m hoping to be able to do both Brighid’s Flame & the single draw.

I have also been having trouble deciding which deck to use. Usually when I open my drawer Brighid’s cards are right there with my tarot, oracle, & runes. Something just gives me a push sort of to use that deck or bag of runes. Lately, just Brighid’s cards seem happy to see me. It’s definitely weird.

Maybe I’ll have to give them a good cleanse tomorrow before I do the draw… they are picking up some stagnant or mixed energy maybe.


Perhaps, anyways a cleanse of the cards is a good thing I honestly clense my cards every other week mostly because my worker sometimes moves them while she’s cleaning or wiping down the top of my bookshelf where i keep them but i clensing is always good to rid the cards of negive energy.


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Radiant Crystal Oracle Deck

• By: BouchetteDesign.com
BouchetteDesign | Etsy

(I shuffled 3 times & took the top 3 cards off & drew) I did this on Monday

Lapis Lazuli

  • Intuition, Purification, Inner Power


  • Throat

Astrological Sign:

  • Libra :libra:
  • Sagittarius :sagittarius:


  • I am confident in my spoken word


  • Lapis Lazuli amplifies the power of the spoken word. It aids in clear communication & speaking in large groups. It connects the physical & spiritual realms providing a peaceful & clear awareness.

Flower/Herb: :hibiscus:/:herb:

  • Amaryllis :hibiscus:
    • Confidence
    • Pride
    • Communication


4 May 2022

Soul Cats Tarot
by Leeza Robertson, Art by Adam Oehlers

XVII - The Star

There is a star in you. In fact, you are made of multiple stars, each with their own ability to light up from the inside. All you have to do is make sure your conditions are suitable for your star pieces to shine. When the right environment is created, your inner stars will light up all by themselves.

We all shine. Everyday you have a moment where you can’t help but light up and become radiant. In this moment, you become a beacon, a marker that points someone in the right direction. It is you who allows them to get clarity and understanding around where they are going. Your light guides them in a way only you can do. This is more important than you can possibly imagine. Without the Star and all our star pieces to guide us, we would all be terribly lost.


Those are lovely images of cats! Cats have always fascinated me, large or small. I love big cats too. I miss having a cat, they have such unique personalities.


I am definitely a crazy cat lady @Siofra_Strega :black_cat: :mage: I am loving these new cards, just got them today, and this card really speaks to me… it feels like magick that I drew it! :heart:


I may be a bit young but my friends call me the crazy cat lady cuz if i could id have alot of them and the neighborhood cats hang around me all the time


Wednesday may 4 2022

Card: King of pentacles (reversed)
Deck: anne stokes gothic tarot

From the booklet: fear me not , for i was once like you. Place your hand upon my shoulder and follow my light, i shall guide you through these dark times and lead you to new beginnings.


Poor financial decisions


@marsha & @Nikita-mikaelson My grandmother had 1 cat that lived inside but more than a few others that had their own food & water bowls on our farmer’s porch with a bed for any stray cats that may stop by. We had a few regulars :rofl:

@Nikita-mikaelson if ever a card screamed at me to pay attention, this is the one for the day, maybe the week! Thank you for sharing!


Yea after the day ive had that card makes alot of sence too me honestly. Ive been a bit of a stubborn girl today talking to is probably like trying to get blood from a brick wall


I understand that, I’ve been there. 2 out of 3 of the keywords were spot on for me. Lately, I’m not real social or even wanting to work in my front yard… I tend to do the same thing when talking is like blood from a stone. Feel free to reach out if you need to. :infinite_roots:


@Siofra_Strega im good i just have “i hate people” days every now and then


I wish I could say I have that “sometimes” or “every now & then” It’s more of a constant for me :rofl:


Thursday, May 5, 2022

Rune Draw

Ingwaz :ingwaz:

Stave of rest, of active internal growth. There is a deep level of gestation of new power. Rest, let things gestate to be brought forth at the right time in full maturity. Have patience, listen to yourself. Things are in a potential state awaiting activation.

Harmonious balance between the 4 directions & the 4 elements. Re-establishes our connection with spiritual natures in a more physical manner. A grounding rune. Reconnect us with our roots. Reintroduces us to earth, re-establishing the connection with our minds & our spirits.

Spend more time in nature, & pay attention to the natural order & one’s body. Maybe a new exercise regimen or change in diet.

BrightStave Ingwaz


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