Are witchy gifts to be trusted?

If someone gives you something “for protection,” is there a way to know if it really is what they say it is?


In short - I would say yes if you trust a person. But if you get a bad vibe there’s a reason for it.


I agree with @LadyAuld.ofChico- trust those instincts of yours, @Undomeher! The fact that you were questioning it is a good enough reason to believe something is off.

If you’d like to keep the gift, cleansing it should do the trick. If you’re really in doubt, you could cleanse it three different ways to be sure :candle: :herb: :salt:

Otherwise, you could refuse it. Or accept it, but then pass it on. Or dispose of it with a banishing ritual (burying it outside if is something not harmful to the wildlife).

As for checking the intention, my best advice is to consult a higher power- be it your divination tools (tarot, pendulum, oujia, etc) or a deity, spirit animal, guardian angel, etc. They may be able to give you more insights about the item in question and either warn or assure you about its intented purpose.

Good luck and blessed be, Ron! :sparkles:


I think there is a boundaries aspect to this, as well. My first question would be, would you go to this person for protection? Does he or she have that intimate role in your life? If not, it’s not their place to protect you and you don’t have to accept their gift.

I think we are conditioned to accept all gifts, because it is considered ingracious to decline a gift, even food we really don’t want to eat. And there are times, for example when a child presents us with somehing handmade, when of course, we take the gift.

Otherwise, we can always politely refuse. If the other person does not accept our no, especially if they do not routinely accept our no, then you know that person does not understand your boundaries, or if he or she does, he or she does not respect them.

Every gift has a message. Some gifts are all about love, generosity or wanting to bestow delight. Those gifts carry no strings. Others are about control, making a statement about the other person, getting the upper hand or a transaction. For example, my sister makes a big show of picking up the tab. It’s embarrassing to me to try to pay for my share and be denied when I insist. It’s not because she loves me, although she does. She does this to feel like she has the upper hand.


Well, this is something of the issue…
…she is a “practitioner” (not Infinite Roots)
…has had a degree of an intimate role, you might say
…and I have questions about what her vision of that role is going forward.

She gave me some crystals a few weeks ago, which I cleansed in sage smoke and then in dragons blood incense. Now it’s this “blessings and protection spray.” It’s not a matter of trust versus distrust, but more a matter of how much.


@Undomeher, trust your feelings! If it doesn’t feel right then it’s probably not.
With love and blessings,


I hope I’m not out of line with my thoughts but I hope they can asssist you.

I was taught long ago when it came to Witchy type gifts. The number one rule is to ask yourself who the person is to you and if their motives are pure of heart. The second rule is to trust your instincts if something feels off it most likely is. Third is dependent on the type of gift. Each gift had a meaning and reason for being offered. Ask yourself is said gift something I would expect or feel safe asking for from this person. Does the gift require the make to evoke your name or such? Did you agree to this person using your name in spells beforehand?

Now if it’s a charm, crystal, or the like that isn’t made like a spell bottle or bundle etc. You can purify the item 3-fold to cleanse it. What I was taught, water first, then earth or smoke, finally the sun/moon. This I know is different for everyone but I can only go by my own knowledge.

Lastly this is most likely a bit personal but if you feel that they are misunderstanding the relationship you have and where it may go. You really should sit down and talk with them clearing not only the energies between the two of you but within each other. I hope this helps.


Yes, it does help. And even if it didn’t, you’re never out line commenting on one of my posts. If I don’t want thoughts and comments, I don’t post. Thank you!:grin::grin:


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