Asking out of curiosity, can a Chalice be a ceramic tea pot?

Hi all :blush:, wondering if this is “allowed” or if I’m being to eccentric- odd lol, but can a vintage ceramic tea pot be used as a Chalice? Does it need to be a cup -goblet type?


@Francessca As long as you have consecrated the vessel as such, you can utilize any object that holds or represents it as such — however matter what vessel you choose as your chalice, be sure to keep it reserved solely for ritual purposes. That is my own opinion, not sure what others think/believe. :trophy: :teapot:


@Francessca I agree with @jan_TheGreenWitch, if that is what you have for your chalice, that’s your chalice.

Any item or tool that you consecrate or use for your altar can be for whichever purpose you use it for, using what you have on hand or making your own is always a great idea! As long as it feels good to you, then absolutely it can be your chalice! :two_hearts:


Jan, The chalice can be made of any material. even a bowl or shell. It is used to hold whatever fluid you use in your spells. Some use wine, but others, who cannot or choose not to drink alcohol can use juice, even water.


Hey @Francessca :wave: That’s such a great question and you’ve already been given a few great answers, too :blush: I’m just here to chime in that yes, it’s “allowed” – there aren’t really any rules unless you follow a specific tradition or coven that has rules :person_shrugging: so if you want to use a teapot as your chalice then go for it!

I agree with @jan_TheGreenWitch and @Siofra_Strega that as long as it’s been consecrated for ritual use (if that’s how you’re using it) then it’s perfectly fine. Of course, consecration is also optional depending on your beliefs!

Even in our Tools of a Kitchen Witch post, you can see that a chalice is completely adaptable to what you’ve got on hand!

Measuring and drinking cups may easily be used in the place of a ceremonial chalice in the kitchen. Cups used for measuring are used to incorporate nourishment and affection into recipes while drinking cups are used to dispense life-giving elixirs. Kitchen Witchcraft: Tools for Casting Spells in the Kitchen

And if you need information on consecration, we’ve got you covered there, too!


Until it broke, I used a blue glass I got at the Dollar Store. I’d say you’re good to go!


Good evening :blush:, hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Thank you @jan_TheGreenWitch, @Siofra_Strega, @Garnet, @MeganB and @Amethyst. I appreciate you’ll taking the time to comment, and providing wonderful feedback, and links :hugs:. They were very helpful.

I’m elated to now know that I can use my tea pot and green ceramic cup with a lid, once I consecrate them :grin:.

On a side tangent, I love Studio Ghibli, his films to me are magical, and alway leave me with a sense of wonder. Howls Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery Service are two of my favorites from the Studio Ghibli collection; so looking at the tea pot and cup on my black shelf chest thing, looks almost mystical to me. Thank you ladies for collectively answering my question.

Lol I’ve been slowly putting together my altar, for what I now realize years (I say this bc I’ve purchased everything over the past 10 years not realizing I was creating an alter). My cauldron along with some ingredients will arrive tomorrow, and :sweat_smile: I’m also thinking of making a wand ( I was looking over some DYIs

All and all, I’m looking forward to finishing up before the Hunters Moon arrives. .


You will do great! If I may ask, which courses are you interested in? Maybe I can find some books or information in the forum for younto check out! :smiling_face:


Yes, i use a wine glass. Whatever u choose to use. Its your craft, your choice


So sorry to be getting back to you so late @Siofra_Strega, I’ve been so busy this week. Lol this is the first time this week that I’ve been able to go into the forum. TGIF it’s Friday :grin::hugs:.

In regards to your question, this week I’ve been reading - doing the Green Witch herbal Witchcraft course. Last Sunday I was feeling ambitious and I did the consecration ritual :blush:, the Hunters Moon ritual, self dedication ritual, and the moon in Aires meditation.

Happy that’s it’s Friday, and I’ll have some down time to read and craft. Hope you have a great evening!