Astral Energy

Merry Meet one and all~

Being curious as a significant b-day is approaching I did an Astrological reading on myself and this phrase came up at the end “Astral Energy”

Did a bit of research to verify my instinctive definition but would really like confirmation from like minded persons.

Does this mean that I am more than capable of Astral projection or what?

Ares Star, Virgo Moon

The details were spot on and quite surprising; however this threw me for a loop.

Thank you for any and all viewpoints and assistance, I sincerely appreciate and value the ability to share ideals, skills and knowledge here with everyone.


Well Aries is very active and impulsive, while Virgo needs order and harmony.

Without seeing your reading it’s hard to guess what it meant, but my idea is that your energy and physical bodies could be interacting in a similar, flexible way. One is more fluid and the other one more rigid.

In your case, it could be that your energy is loose and gives you freedom to travel between planes, changing beliefs, shaping your reality.


Only one way to find out, @Durga! :grin: Have you ever tried Astral Projection before? If it is something you are interested in, I recommend giving it a try :dizzy:

From what I’ve heard, Astral Projection and Astral Travel can be difficult to pull off and even harder to master, but it all begins with trying. Your abilities and potential will be best revealed through practice :+1:

To help you get started, here are a few topics with tips and experiences from coven members about Astral Projection and Astral Travel:

If you find yourself struggling with Astral work at first, you could start with Lucid Dreaming :star2:. Others may disagree, but I personally think Lucid Dreaming requires some of the same skills: focus, discipline, dedication, and confidence with maneuvering through the inner workings of your mind. (Although I should add a disclaimer that while I enjoy Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel isn’t a speciality of mine, so I may be completely off here! :laughing:)

Wishing you all the best with your endevoars, Durga- good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


“Astral Energy” could this term synonymously mean Astral Light, recall Eliphas Levi being the first to coin the word. “ In his book Dogma and Ritual of High Magic the astral light is strikingly described as a blind, amoral, universal force that sweeps all before it in a perpetual and restless search for equilibrium.” Astral Light - Theosophy Wiki

Also, Manly P. Hall wrote and discuss a bit on this topic as well and Blavatsky also adopted this term in her writing.

The Wikipedia link I provided quoted some works from the mentioned persons, except Manly Hall.

These three persons definitely did some work on it, there could be something or some answers for you exploring their works.


There are others who have after them, but these three persons are the earlier adopters, the term may have evolved a bit. Not sure what others have written on it after them.


You’re not off at all! Lucid dreaming and astral projection are one in the same. The only difference is the experience.

@Durga if you’re interested, here are some some tips for lucid dreams and astral projection:
Keep a dream journal :wink:, before you go to bed, say and write that ’ I will lucid dream/astral travel tonight!'. My fav is listening to music with different frequencies. Here’s a couple videos I use:

I wish you well with your journey in using your dreams as they are a powerful form of divination.


Interesting, I actually tend to disagree with this statement. Lucid dreaming is being conscious during your dreams. Astral projection is the act of the soul, spirit, or energy of the person (sometimes called the Astral Body) leaving the physical world and traveling in the Astral realm or Otherworld.

It’s definitely going to depend on how someone perceives energy, the body, and if there is even a belief in different realms such as the astral realm, the Otherworld, and places like Tir na nOg.


Hi Sweetie,

I’ve done astral projection, it took time, investigation, practice and If possible an astral video, there are many on you tube. Contact MeganB, she won’t steer you wrong.
Good luck in your ‘travels’.
Blessed Be


I definitely understand where you’re coming from. For me, personally I have to be in a highly meditative state and often sleeping so that’s why I stated that but I do agree with you on the difference between the two. :wink:


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