Astrological Forecast W/C 11th July 2022

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

As I’m a little short on time at the moment, I will focus this weeks post on the beautiful Super Full Moon we have coming up in Capricorn… :sparkles:

:astrology_moon: Super Full Moon in Capricorn :capricorn: 13th July 2022 2:37pm (ET) 13th July 2022 7:37pm (BST)

CAPRICORN :capricorn: - Earth / Cardinal
RULING PLANET - Saturn :astrology_saturn:
10th HOUSE - Ambition, Career, Parents, Power, Reputation :moneybag:
COLOURS - Brown, Beige, Pale Silver, Dark Green :brown_heart: :green_heart: :white_heart:
CRYSTALS - Garnet, Amethyst, Fluorite, Malachite, Blue Tigers Eye and Black Tourmaline :crystal_ball:

This one is not to miss! We have a lovely Super Full Moon in Capricorn - also known as the Full Buck Moon - coming 13th July, so, first off, what is a Super Full Moon?

The Moon :new_moon: orbits the Earth elliptically, in an elongated circle, which means she moves nearer and further away from the Earth :earth_americas: at different points during her orbit. There can be a difference of up to 30,000 miles in the distance she is from our planet - the closest point is called the perigee, and the furthest the apogee.

A Super Moon :full_moon: occurs when the Moon becomes Full when she is approaching her closest point - the perigee - to Earth.

With that in mind, this Full Moon is sure to be a powerful one! :boom: It is also due to be an excellent time for some personal revolutions, as the Moon is in conjunction with Pluto, who is all about transformation :dizzy:

This phase is auspicious for all things Capricorn - work, finance, and reputation. The Moon in Capricorn can be slightly “cold” as Capricorn is logical and practical, and as the last Earth sign in the zodiac it is very grounded :small_red_triangle_down: in its nature. However, let’s not forget, the Sun :sun: remains in Cancer, flavouring this Full Moon with some sentimentality and pulling our attention to home and family :family_man_woman_girl_girl:

A combination of these energies :zap: for this Full Moon may find us pondering on our work life balance :balance_scale:

The Full Moon is a great time for reflection and contemplation, and Spells8 has a wonderful Full Buck Moon Ritual which can help us with this :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you neglecting one area in favour of another? Are you happy with your career? Your home life? Is there room for improvement in one or both of these areas?

This is the perfect time to release any negativity, fears, or issues around these themes, in preparation to start a new at the next New Moon.

Have a lovely week and a beautiful Super Full Moon!

These words are my own

Love & Light to all :heartpulse: :candle: :stonehenge:


Seems like I am exactly where I need to be on my journey this year! Now I just hope the weather holds out! This is the time of year for pop up storms overnight :smiling_face:


Thanks @Abs53 this is wonderful news! A great time for spells too. I sure hope that i can set my intentions well this full moon to improve my work and home balance :heartpulse: :blush:


My summer vacation is dwindling away. I’ve already started putting my new classroom together. This summer has been really a little stressful and I’m actually ready to get back into a routine… sort of…. It’s always hard to let those last few sweet days of summer vacation slip away. Thinking about work life balance is a great plan for this full moon! Thanks @Abs53


If there is rain, atleast its a good opportunity to get some mega potent Moon water :full_moon_with_face::sweat_drops::joy:


@Siofra_Strega @TheMuslimWitch @AileyGrey youre very welcome :blush: Have a wonderful Full Moon :rice_scene:


@Abs53 I can honestly say that I am excited :star_struck: about the Moon :full_moon: & her other phases again. It’s coming back & I am loving :heartpulse: it. I especially appreciate these forecast posts for keeping my astrology :milky_way: knowledge working in the background so I’m not in a situation of starting over :laughing:


Happy Full Buck Capricorn Supermoon! :full_moon_with_face: :deer:

When you read this and you know immediately what it’s pointing to :joy: This was the call-out I needed lol

Thank you so much for all your wisdom and for not just doing a great job of explaining the astrology, but offering very helpful advice and guidance for how to make the most of it too! You’re amazing, @Abs53- thank you! :milky_way: :star2::two_hearts:


Thanks Bry! You’re very welcome! I love it when you read something and it immediately clicks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I definitely have plans for this coming Full Buck Moon :sparkles: Thanks for sharing all the info Abs! :heart: