Astrological Forecast W/C 8th November 2021

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

This week Pallas stations Direct in Pisces :pisces: we have a First Quarter Moon in Aquarius :aquarius: and Juno enters Capricorn :capricorn:

Also, as a quick aside, if anyone is interested in numerology please check out this article on The 11/11 Gateway also known as the Portal of Cosmic Law - there are lots of opportunities for spiritual growth and awakening to grab at the moment - it would be a shame to miss it! :upside_down_face: :sparkles:

Pallas Stations Direct in Pisces :pisces: 8th November 2021 4.24AM (EST) 8th November 2021 9:24AM (GMT)

Pallas, though not commonly examined in horoscopes, is an important part of our astrological makeup. It’s one of the asteroids found in the belt that stretches between Mars :red_circle: and Jupiter :orange_circle: along with Ceres, Juno and Vesta.

While these asteroids have a more subtler impact on who we are, they do have an influence on our birth charts and our day to day lives by their placements in the sky :dizzy:

Named for the Goddess of warfare, wisdom and strategy, Pallas defines our unique style of wit, how we process critical thinking :thought_balloon: and our means of planning a strategy.

Pallas symbolises the men :man: in our life (especially in women’s natal charts). It can reveal how much we trust them, and it can make us instinctively trust them, or make us suspicious of their motives.

Pallas in Pisces :pisces: has a typically sensitive and civilised feel. We may feel more inclined to spiritual and psychic practices - now would be a great time to connect with these parts of us.

We may also feel more creative, indulge in more fantasies and meditations :person_in_lotus_position: Pallas in Pisces is all about non-violent resistance, avoiding conflicts and compassion for people and the planet :earth_africa: in general.

Pallas remains in Pisces until 14th February 2022, when it will enter Aries. To find out where Pallas is in your birth chart, please check out Cafe Astrology.

First Quarter Moon in Aquarius :aquarius: 11th November 2021 7.46AM (EST) 11th November 2021 12.46PM (GMT)

The First Quarter :first_quarter_moon: energy is generally active and quite impulsive. It is about putting the past behind us, seeking individuality and taking the initial action necessary to achieve our goals :trophy:

This is a great time for personal growth and future thinking Aquarius only serves to magnify this energy :zap: Check out the Spells8 page on ideas for rituals, spells and meditations during this phase.

Juno Enters Capricorn :capricorn: 14th November 2021 3.23PM (EST) 14th November 2021 8.23PM

Juno is another of the asteroids found in the belt that stretches between Mars and Jupiter, along with Ceres, Pallas and Vesta.

Often referred to as The Queen of Heaven and Divine Consort, Juno represents marriage and what you need in a partner. This can be a very important placement within your birth charts to look into when considering what you look for in a long term relationship :heart:

Juno was a woman scorned! This asteroid can give you an insight into how you handle betrayal, infidelity, fairness and compromise.

In the practical, hard working sign of Capricorn, we can expect the energy to become focused and committed to stabilising our relationships :couplekiss_man_woman: and planning for our futures with our loved ones.

Juno is quite at home here - Capricorn is notoriously loyal, structured and family orientated, which complements Juno well :handshake: Negative aspects of Capricorn can include an unforgiving nature and pessimism, so we would do well to bear this in mind.

Juno remains in Pisces until 1st February 2022, when it will enter Aquarius. To find out where Juno is in your birth chart, please check out Cafe Astrology.

Next week, we have the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 19th November 2021 - expect some BIG energy!

These words are my own, if you have any questions please feel free to ask :green_heart:

Love & Light to all :heartpulse: :candle: :stonehenge:


@Abs53 Thank you for sharing your gifts and knowledge. Much appreciated!

I am already looking forward to the Full Moon in Taurus :taurus: (or is it in Aries?)


I’m excited for the 11/11 Gateway, but I didn’t know it was also called the “Portal of Cosmic Law”- I learned something new, thanks Abs! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For anyone interested in spellwork for 11/11, this week’s group ritual is an 11:11 Manifestation Ritual (click here for more ritual details). All coven members are warmly invited to join! :infinite_roots:

Lots of excitement in the skies ahead! Looking forward to it :heart_eyes:

Thanks as always for these wonderful astrology forecasts, Abs- you’re amazing! :sparkles:


I think it’s in Taurus, I just checked my calendar.


Thank you soon much for sharing this great knowledge that I wouldn’t find anywhere else!


@Francisco Aries was last month :aries::blush:

@christina4 @TheTravelWitch you’re very welcome as always :kissing_heart:


Thank you @Abs53 for these! I think I am going to go see where Juno is in my chart this morning. :heart:

I’m interested in this month’s moon with the lunar eclipse because I have some things to do that night, but I’m wondering if maybe for some of them (at least some) I should wait until after the eclipse. We will see how this plays out!

I hope you have a great day!


Oh, so I had to go look where Pallas falls in my chart and, of course, it falls into Scorpio because I don’t already have enough Scorpio in my chart :sweat_smile:

As for where Juno is in my chart, it says that Juno went retrograde in Capricorn during my birthday.

Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful astro info :sparkles: even though I don’t understand half of it, it’s still very interesting to read!


I have Juno in Sagitarrius & my Pallas is in Scorpio… I have the same feeling about that second one @MeganB, I think this makes 5 or 6 places in my chart :scorpius: Scorpio :joy:

I’m happy that I had the time to go back & check this out! :hugs:


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