Astrological Forecast W/C Monday 1st November 2021

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

This week sees a burst of lots and lots of fresh energy! We have the Eclipse Gateway opening with a New Moon in Scorpio :scorpius: Venus Enters Capricorn :capricorn: & Mercury Enters Scorpio :scorpius:

Eclipse Energy

Eclipse energy is exciting energy because it always gives us a chance to reboot, refresh, and restart! Eclipse energy arrives with New Moons and Full Moons and this will plant the seeds of new beginnings for many of us.

New Moons launch things, Full Moons bring those matters to completion. Eclipses, are all about your Destiny.

New beginnings and chapters closing are all about bearing change, which suits transformative Scorpio very well :dizzy:

The Winter Eclipse Portal :snowflake: will open with the New Moon in Scorpio this week. We will have a chance to explore the Portal of Cosmic Law 11th November 2021 11:11AM; before a Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 19th November 2021 beseeches us to embrace us a new relationship with ourselves based on love, trust, intimacy, and faith. Here, the celestials want us to release and leave our baggage behind :wave:

Later on, the 4th December 2021, will bring a New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, which brings this seasons round of Eclipses to a close. During this time we will be asked to move forward and manifest our hearts desires :fast_forward: :heartpulse:

But for this week, we will focus on the New Moon in Scorpio… :new_moon:

New Moon in Scorpio :scorpius: 4th November 2021 5:14AM (ET) 4th November 2021 9:14AM (GMT)

SCORPIO - Water / Fixed :scorpius:
RULING PLANET - Mars :red_circle: Pluto :small_red_triangle:
8th HOUSE - Sex, Death, Transformation :black_heart: :dizzy:
COLOURS - Black :black_circle:
CRYSTALS - Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Smoky Quartz :crystal_ball:

Message: Tap into your inner darkness and transform it into light! :sunrise:

Each sign teaches us valuable things, and one that Scorpio want us to learn is to dig deeper into the mysteries around us instead of always being content with the status quo.

The New Moon in Scorpio is brilliant for working on our self-mastery skills. We could look to attempting to pinpoint :round_pushpin: those things that make us feel out of control and work on freeing ourselves of those emotional burdens :man_cartwheeling:

Now is an especially good time to focus on and develop one special project or relationship to help add purposefulness and depth to our lives :relieved:

Scorpio New Moon Activities:

  • Shadow work - please bear in mind, shadow work can pull up a lot of repressed and negative memories; however, shadow work doesn’t have to be negative - you may find your shadow might contain positive qualities that you’re not owning! Regardless, if you are engaging in shadow work please proceed with caution :warning: I’m sure one of the @moderators will have some helpful advice to add here.
  • Meditate :woman_in_lotus_position: and focus on a project that is close to your heart and manifest it into reality! This Spells8 meditation will get you in the Scorpio mood :black_heart:
  • Scorpio loves sex - and with Mars in Scorpio too, now is a great time to explore Sex Magick :sparkles:

Venus enters Capricorn :capricorn: 5th November 2021 6:44AM (ET) 5th November 2021 10:44AM (GMT)

Here we see sweet Venus :heartpulse: entering responsible Capricorn :capricorn: Unsurprisingly, this transit will encourage us to be more mature in our relationships :couplekiss_woman_woman:

Loving Venus wants us to move on from the carefree, playful spirit of Sagittarius that we have been enjoying since 7th October, and focus on the long-term stability of our relationships.

She beeches us to stop picking petty fights and to asks us to choose our battles wisely :wink:

This mix of Venus in Capricorn, Sun in Scorpio, New Moon in Scorpio & Mars in Scorpio is a potent combination for stabilising new romantic partnerships.

Whilst Capricorn isn’t particularly spontaneous or passionate in its overriding flavour, Scorpio is as about as passionate as they come - this is a good combination for nailing down the long-term plans for your relationships, as well as exploring the sexual and the intimate.

Tap into this stable energy :zap: by considering where you would like your relationship (or lack of!) to go. Think about the future, manifest and lay the ground work to bring it into reality :sparkles:

Remember, while the celestial bodies will happily guide and encourage you, you need to be an active participant in the illustration of your own destiny. :exclamation:

Mercury enters Scorpio :scorpius: 5th November 2021 6:35PM (ET) 5th November 2021 10:35PM (GMT)

When the Planet of Communication :speaking_head: enters Scorpio, we can expect a lot of discussions around taboo and mystery, as well as some powerful and provocative pillow talk :smiling_imp:

Yet, we would be wise to remember the more negative aspects of Scorpio with this planetary placement - jealously, possessiveness and manipulation all fall under Scorpios remit, so we would do well to think before we speak!

Mars :red_circle: in Scorpio too, so that aggressive energy is abundant! Remember, Venus wants us to stabilise our relationships to secure a positive future. Scorpio encourages us to look deeper into the darker :eight_pointed_black_star: aspects of our nature - which can be amazingly cathartic if channeled correctly.

The potential for discussing sensitive topics is high right now, so it’s key to remind ourselves to temper that jealous, ruthless side of us when liaising with our loved ones. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Yes, Scorpio season is wonderful, dark, mysterious, sexy and … challenging :upside_down_face:

Crystals providing clarity, clear heads, grounding and stability will be beneficial this week @christina4 can you help? :large_blue_diamond:

These words are my own, if you have any questions please feel free to ask :green_heart:

Love & Light to all :heartpulse: :candle: :stonehenge:


Scorpio is a couple of places that are the same as my birth chart! :scorpius: I would also say that it’s safe to assume my parents would agree that raising a Scorpio :scorpius: with Scorpio in other placements was challenging. :joy:

Thank you for this forecast! I hope you are having a wonderful Samhain! :skull: :jack_o_lantern:

As far as assisting with shadow-work, be gentle with yourself. Have some self-love time planned, journal about anything that comes up, self-love, or other similar meditations. Of course, now that I am trying to remember what else worked for me I am drawing a blank :joy: I do have a friend (not including my husband) that I can talk to about anything & we get things worked out that way too. Make sure that you trust the person fully or that the person is a licensed professional should anything serious arise.


It can be tricky to find the harmony between the two, but in the right conditions, Capricorn/Scorpio energy can combine really beautifully. When passion balances out with stability, passion projects and dreams become tangible, achievable goals that last.

Or that’s my thoughts as the Scorpio half of a Capricorn/Scorpio pair haha :grin::+1:

As always, this is some wonderful forceasting for the week, @Abs53! You always give me so much to think about and plan for :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As for the Shadow Work, @Siofra has shared some wonderful tips and guidance. Shadow Work can be tricky and even brutal at times, but it is worth trying (so long as you safely and properly prepare for it). Wishing good luck to all those embarking on Shadow Work this week! :black_heart:


agreed. i always say shadow work is not for the faint hearted, but well worth it once you dive in.


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