Astrological Forecast W/C Monday 4th July 2022

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

Lots of positive energy surrounding communication this week :sparkles: We have Mercury joining the Sun in Cancer, boosting those loved-up Cancer vibes and Vesta goes retrograde in spiritual Pisces giving us a chance to reconnect with some powerful feminine energy…

Pallas enters Gemini :gemini: 4th July 2022 11:12pm (ET) 5th July 2022 4:12am (BST)

Pallas is one of the asteroids found in the belt that stretches between Mars :astrology_mars: and Jupiter :astrology_jupiter: along with Ceres, Juno and Vesta.

Named for the Goddess of warfare, wisdom and strategy, Pallas defines our unique style of wit, how we process critical thinking :thought_balloon: and our means of planning a strategy.

Pallas symbolises the men :man: in our life (especially in women’s natal charts). It can reveal how much we trust them, it can make us instinctively trust them, or make us suspicious of their motives.

Pallas in Gemini sharpens our intelligence and blesses us with the gift of the gab - words are our strength right now. Writers, journalists and performers all shine with Pallas in Gemini, and many of them have Pallas in Gemini in their personal charts.

Mars :astrology_mars: enters Taurus :taurus: 5th July 2022 2:04am (ET) 5th July 2022 7:04am (BST)

Mars in Taurus can be a little conflicting - Mars is about initiative and jumping into action :running_man:, whereas Taurus, wants to take it easy :turtle: and do things at it’s own pace.

Whilst Astrologically speaking, Mars isn’t usually comfortable in Taurus, that doesn’t mean we cant make the energy work to our advantage. The key to this transit is to make sure what we focus our energy on aligns with our needs if we want them to amount to anything special.

Projects started now may be hard to get off the ground, however, if we manage to push through :fast_forward: :fast_forward: with them, Taurus’ enduring energy will make sure we see it all the way through.

Mars in Taurus :taurus: is concerned with security, finances :moneybag: and comfort. We may spend more time analysing our finances and fighting to improve them. As long as we dig deep and find the strength to push through with our goals, Mars in Taurus will provide us with the dedication and persistence we need to cross the finish line :trophy:

Mars enters Taurus on Tuesday, which just so happens to be the day of Mars, making this the perfect opportunity to light a red candle :candle: and cast some spells to stop procrastination - something we may suffer from with Mars in Taurus.

Mercury :astrology_mercury: enters Cancer :cancer: 5th July 2022 2:25am (ET) 5th July 2022 7:25am (BST)

Mercury is all about thoughts, speech :speaking_head: and ideas and Cancer is all about the feelings! :face_holding_back_tears: Therefore, we can expect some deep emotive conversations over the next month, as this transit gives us a greater ability to process and express our feelings.

Mercury in Cancer is giving us the opportunity to get closer :people_hugging: to others during this transit. It is encouraging us find a greater understanding of ourselves and to strengthen the bonds in our relationships.

Now is great time for long nights :night_with_stars: talking about the future and about what you want from your relationship. Writing love letters :love_letter: and poems are all good ways of expressing how you feel about your loved ones and will be well received at this time :heartpulse:

:warning: Be warned though, those Cancer vibes can swing :pendulum: our emotions from positive and loved up one minute, to overly sensitive and defensive the next. We can also have a tendency to sentimentality and idealising the past in the position (a trait those with their Moon in Cancer should also be aware of!) Your ex is your ex for a reason!

First Quarter Moon :astrology_moon: in Libra :libra: July 6th 2022 10:14pm (ET) 7th July 2022 3:14am (BST)

First Quarter Moon :first_quarter_moon: is a great time to focus on manifesting what you want in your life. This First Quarter is flavoured with typical Librian themes of harmony, balance and beauty, which makes it the perfect time to manifest or work some Magick based around bringing more peace and acceptance in to our lives. Meditate this first quarter to the Spells8 Moon in Libra mediation to get in the mood :dizzy:

Vesta Retrograde in Pisces :pisces: 7th July 2022 5:33pm (ET) 7th July 2022 10:33pm (BST)

Vesta goes retrograde 7th July, steadily retracing through Pisces until she enters Aquarius 21st August, before turning direct again in Aquarius 5th October. Those with heavy Pisces :pisces: placements (and later heavy Aquarian placements), will feel this transit more than others.

We can probably all agree, things have felt a bit chaotic of late? Vesta retrograde brings us the chance to reconnect with some powerful celestial feminine energy that brings us a sense of comfort, belonging and peace :dove:

Vesta is the keeper of your spiritual flame :fire: and represents the sacred feminine creative energy that allows you to dedicate yourself to aspirations, plans, and goals. Vesta shows where you have a nun-like devotion to a cause, project, person, or belief that is sacred to you - she also shows you the expression of your sexual identity and how your desires turn into longing.

When Vesta retrogrades, we “feel” the energy from the planet internally. We are being offered the chance to go on a journey :railway_track: of self discovery, in order to express those feelings externally. This process will help you develop a deeper understanding and strength of the traits associated with Vesta.

This time, Vesta retrogrades in Pisces which means it will be flavoured with typical Piscerian :fish: themes - sensitivity, spirituality and creativity. It favours soul searching, journalling, meditating :woman_in_lotus_position: reconnecting with your core and your higher self.

Have a lovely week and happy 4th July :grinning:

These words are my own

Love & Light to all :heartpulse: :candle: :stonehenge:


Thank you @Abs53 for your commitment to this weekly forecast! Sounds like things are lining up great for Independence Day. Here’s to a great month ahead :candle: :raised_hands:


Thank you @Abs53, I was wondering if you had anything about Sirius July 3 -5 I believe? I will have check if its rhe 5th or 7th.


Wow! Thank you @Abs53 for sharing your knowledge and passion with us. This information is a gift! :gift:


Love your weekly forecasts @Abs53 Thank you so much!


@Francisco @crystal5 @marsha @Siofra_Strega thank you all for your kind words :heartpulse:

@Siofra_Strega Forever Conscious has a great piece on The Sirius Gateway - which is activating 3rd to 5th of July :grinning: It also has a link that suggests ways you can access the energy.

For anyone interested - Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. Its name is derived from the Greek word Seirios, meaning ‘glowing’ or ‘scorching’. It is located in the Canis Major constellation, known colloquially as the “Dog Star”.

(As a side note, for any Harry Potter fans out there, this was the inspiration for the name of Harrys Godfather Sirius Black - an animagus who had the ability to transform into a dog :slight_smile: )

Sirius is known as our “Spiritual Sun”, and shines 23 times brighter than our own Sun. It’s current spectral type is a White Dwarf and it’s a fixed star, which is always positioned at 14 degrees of Cancer.

Ambition, pride, freedom, liberation and fame are all in it’s wheelhouse. Every year on 4th July the Sun is conjunct with Sirius, this, and its many qualities, give it a strong link to Independence Day :us:


Thank you @Abs53, I will have to check the whole article on the site. Wonderful job! :heartpulse:


This is a very good sign- I actually just turned down a new project offer based on unclear communication with the editor. Even when just discussing the details there were so many misunderstandings, I had to respectfully walk away despite how neat the project sounded.

Reading this makes me feel that prioritizing clear communication was the right choice :blush::+1:

That’s amazing! :star_struck: :dog2:

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom @Abs53- these are always so much fun to read, and I learn so much everytime! You’re a blessing! :star2::heart:


Thank you for taking the time to put this together and share it with us. This is very helpful.


Fantastic information about Sirius, one of my personal favorites. Am I wrong, or because of its stable positioning, was there a question of whether to use it for navigation instead of or along with the North Star? I recollect having read that somewhere years ago.
Thanks again!


Thank you @Abs53 for the link to The Sirius Gateway.

I was feeling so tired… I had a headache, and neck pain which was getting worse each day! I read the article and realized that because of the protection that I was using to shut off all the negativity in the world, I was also not letting the good energy in. So, I changed my intention to allow the Sirius transmissions to come in! And magically, all the pain went away… within minutes!!!

Much love always