Astrological Forecast W/C Monday 4th October 2021

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

This week the skies are super busy as we find Pluto stationing Direct, a New Moon in Libra, Venus moving into Sagittarius and Saturn stationing Direct…

New Moon in Libra :libra: 6th October 2021 :new_moon:

LIBRA :libra: - Air / Cardinal
RULING PLANET - Venus :heartpulse:
7th HOUSE - Relationships, Marriage, Business Partners, Equality, Balance :balance_scale:
COLOURS - Light Pink :heartpulse: Light Blue :blue_heart:
CRYSTALS - Ametrine, Aqua Marine :crystal_ball:

Message: Peace in Partnerships…

It’s a time to work on re-balancing our relationships :couplekiss_man_man: and recognising our partners as teammates rather than adversaries! Libra’s energies are all about making peace :pray: and recognising the value of relationships. Now, is an excellent time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of this tranquil sign.

Mercury’s :white_circle: current retrograde in Libra serves only to enhance these Librarian issues as it encourages us to find harmony and balance in our platonic and romantic relationships. Remember, during Mercury retrograde communication :loud_sound: can be strained and words misinterpreted. Try not to take things personally if this becomes an issue for you this week.

Libra New Moon Activities:

  • Libra loves the beautiful - bring flowers :sunflower: into your house, redecorate a neglected corner or engage in some self love :heart:
  • Spend time with the ones you love :heartpulse:
  • Meditate :woman_in_lotus_position: over difficult relationships - are they worth saving? Do you need to enforce stricter boundaries? Have you been too distant? Too sensitive? Have any new potential relationships emerged? How do you want to proceed with these? It’s time to find peace; either by elimination or resolution.

Pluto Stations Direct in Capricorn :capricorn: 6th October 2021

Get ready, 6th October is a BIG day for us astrologically speaking, as Pluto :small_orange_diamond: stations Direct on the same day as we have a New Moon :new_moon: in Libra…

Pluto is the planet of transformation and is ruled by Scorpio :scorpius: When he retrogrades, karmic issues are brought to the forefront within the Scorpio based themes of Death & Rebirth.

When he retrogrades in Capricorn, these themes are flavoured by all issues Capricornian - business, money, ambition and morals. :moneybag: :man_office_worker:

Pluto’s retrograde lesson is trying to teach us to exercise restraint in these areas of our lives so we can move forward spiritually :fast_forward:

When he turns Direct :dizzy: he signals that it’s time to take the lessons we’ve learned during the retrograde period and see how we can apply them to these areas of our lives so that we can progress to a higher spiritual level :relieved:

It is worth, taking a quiet moment to meditate and journal on all the Capricornian themes that have emerged in your life over the past 6 months and look for any patterns or lessons :man_student:

How have your finances :moneybag: been the past 6 months? Are there any areas in which you were overextending yourself? Have you been spending erratically? Or have you been too stringent? How is your career? :man_office_worker: Are you happy with your working life? Have you been acting in line with your personal morals? :woman_judge: What felt right to you and what felt wrong? Adjust, reflect and move forward with positivity and light :high_brightness:

Venus enters Sagittarius :sagittarius: 7th October 2021

Hot on the heels of Pluto stationing Direct and the New Moon in Libra, we have Venus :heartpulse: the planet of beauty, grace, and charm entering the fun and playful sign of Sagittarius.

As Venus leaves Scorpio :scorpius: and enters Sagittarius, the flavours surrounding our love lives change from an intense and highly emotional vibe to a lighter, freer vibe :dove:

Of course, Sagittarius is a fire :fire: sign, so this isn’t to say Venus in Sagittarius :sagittarius: is not passionate - far from it - it just doesn’t carry the same moody vibe as mysterious Scorpio does :sparkles:

Sagittarius love carries with it a more inclusive and universal type of love. Now, when we consider the placements of the Sun :sun: (Libra) and Mercury :white_circle: (Libra), both being in the sign of partnerships, this is great opportunity to focus on platonic relationships :dancing_women: and friendships, as well as the romantic.

The energy of this sign is carefree, playful and adventurous, with a child-like naivety :child: and restless vibes. Quell the restless energy :zap: by planning fun days out with friends and breathing :wind_face: new romantic spirit into your love life. Plan fun dates and stay grounded to counter the flighty vibes you may feel during this period :brown_heart:

Saturn :ringer_planet: Stations Direct in Aquarius :aquarius: 10th October 2021

The end of the week sees Saturn stationing Direct in Aquarius, the sign it has been in since 21st March 2020 and will remain in until 7th March 2023.

I will only touch briefly on this today, as Saturn in Aquarius deserves a post in its own right to fully appreciate the karmic :yin_yang: and progressive vibes this transit brings with it.

Saturn :ringer_planet: - often referred to as the God of Karma - is responsible for delivering challenges and throwing up roadblocks, it’s also the planet of maturity and limitations that help you grow :seedling: and thrive.

The Karmic God’s current transit through Aquarius :aquarius: means these issues are flavoured with typical Aquarian themes, such as progression, independence, idealism and intelligence.

Saturn has been retrograding in Aquarius since 23rd May 2021, and during this period we will have been reflecting on where we want to be in our lives. This retrograde has shone a light :flashlight: on the progression (or lack of progression) that we have made in the past 12 months, and now it’s stationing Direct :arrow_right: it is presenting us with the opportunity to create the life we crave :sparkles:

As mentioned before, with Pluto stationing Direct, now is the time to take a quiet moment of reflection, to cast our minds back to which topics have been at the forefront of our minds during the past 4 and 1/2 months.

Which areas have you felt stagnant in? Have you been lacking drive? :sleeping: Maybe you have felt lonely? Aquarius rules the 11th house of friends :two_women_holding_hands: and social status - are you happy with your social standing? Is your love life as rewarding as it should be? What do you want in the future? Are you living the life that you always dreamt of? :thought_balloon:

As Saturn stations Direct he is offering you the chance to move in a productive direction to achieve your dreams.

It’s up to you to make it happen for yourself if you truly want it, but be warned, Saturn will not let it drop! :exclamation: This planet has a habit of bringing things into focus every time he retrogrades to encourage you to live the life you want…

Other things to note this week:

Ceres - the nurturer - is retrograding in Gemini :gemini: 8th October - more on that to come later this week as I think this post has enough going on for now :joy:

This week sees a need for crystals providing clarity, love and help in transformative and progressive needs - @christina4 can you help?

These words are my own, if you have any questions please feel free to ask :green_heart:

Love & Light to all :heartpulse: :candle: :stonehenge:


@Abs53 ~ Wow, this is a lot of information!! I might need to read this a few times to fully digest it. Again, thanks for posting these updates! They’re so helpful and obviously, take a lot of time and energy on your part. :grinning:


@Abs53 thanks for another great post. I appreciate all the work you put into them


Wow, it is a bopping week up there in the cosmos- there is a lot going on! :astonished: Thanks as always for breaking things down and explaining them so well, @Abs53- these forecasts are always a delight to read! :heart:

Just reading about Pluto and Scorpio is getting me excited… I am so ready for Scorpio season and all the spooky, transformative themes of this time of year :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :scorpius:


Thank you for all the info and taking the time to do such an in depth forecast!


I adore astrology! Thank you for this :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :orange_heart:


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