Astrological Forecast W/C Sunday 12th September 2021

What do the stars have in store for us in the coming week? :sparkles:

NB: Please bear in mind, I am UK based and so the timings of the Astrological positions I post may be based on the UK time zone (currently BST) - there isn’t much in it globally, but for exact timings per your location please consult either the Lunar Spell widget on Spells8 or whatever tool you personally use to determine the Moon Phases :full_moon:

I briefly mentioned in a previous post about Venus :hearts: moving into Scorpio :scorpius: Friday 10th September 2021, where she will remain until 6th October 2021. This will trigger an intense burst of energy in our Love Lives :zap:

For anyone seeking a more in-depth view of what this means for them, Astrology Answers has a fabulous article that I recommend you peruse.

Now would be an excellent time to invoke some guidance from Venus if your love life is high on your agenda right now. This Love Devotional on Spells8 is a beautiful way to honour her and call upon her wisdom in this time :dizzy:

This compliments the First Quarter Moon :first_quarter_moon: position from Monday 13th September 2021, which is a great time to cast on what you want to attract into your life. It is worth mentioning that your love life includes platonic relationships :family_man_man_boy_boy: and your relationship with how you love yourself :sparkling_heart: as well as romantic aspects, so if romantic love isn’t on your mind right now, there are many other ways to work with these powerful energies.

Next up, Mars :red_circle: will be joining Mercury :white_circle: in the harmonious sign of Libra :libra: circa 14th September 2021. Mars is the planet of action, but in Libra that impulsive nature is curtailed and remains dormant, until the situation is mentally weighed :balance_scale: Mars, the God of War, :hammer_and_pick: is not at home in the peaceful sign of Libra, yet its presence here isn’t all bad.

Mars in Libra wants us to think :thought_balloon: before we act. This is a good energy to have at the moment as we see Mercury entering its shadow retrograde period. Remember, Mercury retrograde in Libra may trigger crossed wires :negative_squared_cross_mark: in communications, so Mars’ position in Libra - while possibly adding a layer of confusion and indecisiveness - serves to remind us to think before we act.

It may be helpful to carry some Clear Quartz or Amazonite crystals :large_blue_diamond: to counteract the possible confusion you may find from Mars in Libra - I will defer to @christina4 here with her wonderful wisdom on the power of which crystals may help us gain focus and clarity during this time period :smiley:

Next week, will see a Full Moon in Pisces :pisces: which will bring with it some lovely empathetic energies, an opportunity to connect on a spiritual level and broaden our clairvoyance abilities :crystal_ball: - more on this then. :sparkles:

These words and interpretations are my own, learned over time studying various sources including works by Nostradamus, Yasmin Boland, Damien Echols, Russell Grant and online sources such as Cafe Astrology, Astrology Answers and Astrology King to name a few. Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Love :heartpulse: & Light :candle: :stonehenge:


Ok, I got you! For focus, definitely tiger’s eye, and fluorite, clear quartz, amozinite, citrine and smoky quartz helps.

For clarity, I’ve gotta say clear quartz is the big one, then hematite, fluorite, charoite, moldavite, and tigers eye (I’d definitely use tigers eye for both!).

Thanks for asking!!! :raised_hands::two_hearts:
I can’t wait for next week!


You have such a way with words and astrology, @Abs53- this piecewas beautifully explored! :heart:

Looking forward to the Full Moon next week and all of the Pisces energy it will bring :pisces: :full_moon:

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom, Abs! Blessed be :sparkles:


Yay thank you @christina4! :heartpulse:

I imagine I’ll call upon you again next week :joy:

Thanks again :kissing_heart:


I love a Pisces Full Moon :heart_eyes: one of my favourites of the year :blue_heart: :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


Of course! I already have some gems in mind! :relaxed:


Thank you @Abs53!! Looking forward to this Full Moon in pisces :pisces: :full_moon:

And thank you also for the names of authors to continue our learning. Do you have any intermediate Astrology books to recommend? The last one I read was great but it was mostly the usual definitions and descriptions.


Yes @Francisco! I’ll dig them all out this weekend and write a list for you :blush:

One that I desperately want to get my hands on is Celestial Geometry by Ken Taylor, which is about the Astronomical meanings of Ancient sites - I wanted to buy it in an actual book shop instead of online but they didn’t have it in Waterstones in London or at Stonehenge (bizzarely) so I think I’ll have to order it online :blush:


Here we go…

These are in my Astrological, Astronomical and Celestial section; some are more Science based and some more Magick based, I enjoy both but it might be worth reading the synopses before committing to check it’s what you’re looking for


Perfect! Bookmarked and now I have to get to reading :rofl:

Thank you for posting these great suggestions, Abs!


I’m a rising Scorpio with my Mars in Libra ‘ (barely) lol ‘ but man these few past weeks were a whirlwind’ but I’m getting very comfy’. :relaxed::wink:


I’m Scorpio rising too :blush: I love all things Scorpio :scorpius: :black_heart:


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