Astrological Forecast W/C Sunday 19th September 2021

Astrological Highlights for the Week Ahead

Coming up this week, we have a beautiful Full Moon :full_moon: in the dreamy, mystical sign of Pisces :pisces: – lots of witches are drawn to this particular Moon due to the mixture of intuitive and spiritual energies its showers us with! We have influences from Neptune :large_blue_circle: Jupiter :orange_circle: and Mercury :white_circle: this week and shortly after the Full Moon we have The Autumn Equinox, signalling Mabon celebrations and the Sun :sun: moving into Libra :libra:

Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon occurs on Monday 20th September 2021 at 19:55PM EDT. Monday 21st September 2021 at 12:54AM BST.

PISCES :pisces: – Water / Mutable
RULING PLANET – Neptune :large_blue_circle:
12th HOUSE – Endings, Secrets, Spirituality, Healing, Closure, Subconscious, Karma :yin_yang:
COLOURS – Green, Indigo, Blue, Grey :green_heart: :blue_heart:
CRYSTALS – Jade, Amethyst, Aqua Marine :crystal_ball:

Message: Develop Your Intuition

Shortly before becoming Full this month, the Moon :full_moon: aligns with Neptune - indicating a time of amplified emotional sensitivity and possible vivid dreams :thought_balloon: - and Mercury :white_circle: forms a harmonious trine to lucky Jupiter setting a cheerful tone for communications around the start of the week :grin:

It can be hard to face reality while the Moon is in dreamy and impressionable sign of Pisces. Pisces amplifies emotions and creativity, while the Full Moon is asking you to release all the things that are no longer serving you. We are especially imaginative, and our intuition reigns under this influence.

We currently have a Grand Trine (a large triangle made up of two planets and a point) between Mars, Pluto and the North Node :sparkles: which is excellent news because it means energy flows easily, allowing us to soak up that all that gorgeous Piscean ardour! :heartpulse:

Happily, the influence of Jupiter :four_leaf_clover: flavours this Moon with optimistic and mostly lucky vibes; combine that with the Pisces energy and this Full Moon should leave you feeling more centred, inspired and more spiritually aware :pray:

The Sun remains in Virgo :virgo: until 22nd September, when it will move into Libra :libra: Virgo is Pisces sister sign :dancing_women: and she helps us during this Moon by reminding us to ground ourselves and balance our spiritual needs with our everyday lives.

During this Moon phase, the Sun is approaching an alignment with Mars :red_circle: before harmonising with Pluto :small_red_triangle: – expect revelations at this time.

Energetically, all signs will feel the influence of this Pisces Full Moon, but Pisces Suns :sun: as well as other Mutable signs - Sagittarius, Gemini and Pisces - might get a little extra pressure.

Remember the Full Moon is a great time to let go of all that baggage you no longer need to manifest your dreams. See what comes up, let it flow and then let it go! :dove:

For more information on this Pisces Full Moon and how it may affect your Sun signs, please check out this article on Astrology Answers.

Pisces Full Moon Activities:

• Drawing, reading, writing, imagining :writing_hand: :open_book: :fountain_pen: – Pisces is super creative! Paint a picture, read a book, sing a song; allow your dreams to motivate you, instead of allowing fantasies to take over! :dizzy:

• Spiritual pursuits & inner development – Pisces is a deeply intuitive sign, when you mix that with the insightful Moon your instincts will be buzzing :honeybee:take advantage of the moment to develop your Inner Self - this meditation will help you get in the zone.

• Bathing, showering, swimming :bath: :shower: :swimming_woman: – There’s a reason that Pisces is represented by a fish! :fish: Water based activities are favoured during this time.

• Close the past, look to the future :crystal_ball: - Healing, Closure, Karma, Endings - all words associated with the 12th house - Now is the time to really get that closure that you seek on a topic and MOVE FORWARD into the new life you dream of :railway_track:

NB: Full Moon ends any issues you were working on through the previous New Moon of the same sign. Look back on your journals and reflect :person_in_lotus_position:

Autumn Equinox - Wednesday 22nd September 2021 :fallen_leaf:

The Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere occurs Wednesday 22nd September 2021 at 20:20PM BST

What is the Autumn Equinox?

The Autumn Equinox occurs when the Sun crosses the equator line heading south - for everyone in the Northern Hemisphere, this signals the start of Autumn :fallen_leaf: and for everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, this marks the start of Spring :seedling:

During the Equinox, we are in a moment of equal day and equal night. Equal masculine and feminine energies. A moment of complete balance :balance_scale: :relieved:

After the Equinox, the Northern Hemisphere begins to tilt away from the Sun :sun: which results in reduced daylight hours and cooler temperatures :snowflake: For everyone in the Southern Hemisphere, the opposite begins to happen, bringing with it longer daylight hours and warmer temperatures :thermometer:

Along with it being the first day of Autumn :fallen_leaf: it’s also the Pagan holiday Mabon famous for celebrating abundance, wealth and generosity - please check out the lovely Spells8 ritual linked above, for ideas on how to celebrate :tada:

Other things to note this week:

:warning: Mercury will be close to an activating square to Pluto who is currently hanging out in Capricorn :capricorn: around Wednesday this week - this can spur intense interactions and help you uncover hidden information. Keep an eye out :eye: for people using manipulative tactics used to push their agenda!

:warning: Speaking of Mercury, we are now well into the Pre-shadow Retrograde phase preparing for Mercury Retrograde to officially start Monday 27th September 2021.

:warning: The Moon is Void of Course Saturday 25th September – give yourself a much-needed break and rest until your energy returns.

@christina4 any crystals that you think can help this week?

These words are my own.

Love & Light to all :heart: :candle: :stonehenge:


@Abs53 Thank you for the update. It clarifies a lot.


I’d be delighted to!!
Crystals for intuition:
Lapis lazuli (my favorite), citrine, celestine, amethyst, amazonite, selenite, malachite, kyanite, obsidian. Just to name a few


Well this just sums it up perfectly! :raised_hands: Gosh, I’ve been waking up way before the sun with a head practically bursting with thoughts and ideas and things that are demanding to be written down. It sounds like the Full Moon in Pisces is hitting me quite strong :full_moon:

It’s always nice to feel creative, but my sleep scheduling is suffering for it. Perhaps my imagination will quiet down as the moon begins to wane :sweat_smile:

These astrological posts are so insightful, and always a delight to read! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom @Abs53 :heart:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry it’s funny you say that actually, the Astrology Answers post I linked suggests getting an extra hour sleep during this phase…

"3. Give Yourself An Extra Hour Of Sleep

When the Full Moon occurs, the tides are all over the place, and the gravitational pressure on our planet is palpable. In fact, it’s a hard feeling to ignore during this time. You may feel more emotionally drained or physically exhausted with so much energy swirling all around you.

It’s a good idea to account for and plan for yourself to get an extra hour or so of sleep if possible.

Let’s face it: emotions can be draining. Sleep lets you build up the strength and energy you need to face the next day of emotional exchange."

Good luck with your creativity :heart:

@phoenix_dawn you are very welcome :blush:

@christina4 thank you! I’ll get mine out tonight ready to charge :grin:


I’m super excited because I’m gonna be charging my blue aventurine, scolecite tonight


This is sage advice :+1: Goodness knows I can’t fall back asleep once I’m up, so I’ll try heading to bed an hour early to catch that extra hour.

Thanks for the tip and all your wise advice, Abs! :heart::hugs:


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