Atypical Witch Ascending

Merry meet everyone! This past year and a half has been transformative for me like some others here whose introductions I have read. The pandemic has created a perfect storm of introspection borne of prolonged isolation (which, if I’m being honest was not hard at all for me), anxiety about life, the universe, and everything, YouTube and The Goddess. I am building relationships Cerridwen and Lord Ganesh as well as reading about Norse and Celtic deities primarily.

I’m in a period of great transition now as health issues have combined with realizing over the past year or so that I am autistic and am able to look at painful periods of my life in a new way and reframe those experiences with new understandings. I am also able to look at the many gifts being autistic has given me such as my very strong sense of fairness and equality that has always formed a core part of my personality and led me to appreciate a very diverse and interesting way of looking at life and am learning to think about the ways that the Goddess has been influencing my life. I also am learning to appreciate my ability to focus on special interests and get immersed in reading and research.

I’m very eclectic in my interests, witchcraft and the Pagan belief systems but am especially drawn to green witchcraft, tarot, crystals and would very much be interested in training in herbal medicine and would love to learn to grow my own herbs and plants for health and magick myself.

In my budding relationships with both Cerridwen and Lord Ganesh who are both patrons of the arts especially writing and artistic inspiration, I feel a monumental shift in my world view and am examining my life and starting to notice all the synchronicity that has awakened me in my Crone years.

As my 50th birthday came this past May, I’ve reflected on my life thus far and am trying to be kind to myself for there was knowledge about myself that had yet to make itself known to me. I only know how I’ve always felt out of place, different and not quite human. I’ve always had an affinity or nature, camping and hiking, and have a special affinity with animals.

I enjoy creating art, am learning how to paint and draw in different styles, writing stories and am trying my hand at poetry. I enjoy crafting all sorts of stuff. I’ve created mini shelves with amazon boxes, paper mache and paint. I find small containers and make travel alters, travel shrines and am so excited to see what others are making and to make friends and meet mentors as I ascend to the magickal life I’m meant to have.

Most of all, I am looking forward to meeting others who are drawn to magick and learning from everyone.

Blessed Be, Kat


Hi @atypical_witch! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

What a great intro! I’m glad you’ve decided to join up here. Cerridwen and Lord Ganesh and two deities I would have never thought to work together.

Did you see the Merry Meet Monday - Forum News post? It’s a great way to see what’s going on in the coven and jump in on some activities. You can also chat with the coven down in the comments and that will help you get to know some people.

I look forward to talking with you!


Welcome, @atypical_witch!! You’re not alone in being atypical here! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m glad you are treating your study of the Craft as one of your special interests. :+1: I think it is the perfect subject to immerse yourself in, as long as you stay balanced too!

I hope you’ll stick around and make friends here. We’d love to see your witchy visual art!

All the best,


Merry Meet Kat @atypical_witch :heart:

Welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven- it’s a pleasure to have you here! :infinite_roots:

It sounds like you took the struggles of the pandemic and turned them into a powerful revelation. I think you are emerging from the past year even stronger than ever before- good for you! :blush:

It is always a pleasure to meet another Eclectic practitioner, especially one with a love for the arts! Feel free to share any crafting if you’d like, you have many fellow crafters and Art Witches in the forum :art::sparkles:

Feel free to join in on any of the forum activities and make yourself at home here! I’m looking forward to chatting with you more soon.

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Welcome​:hugs: I’m Christina and I am from New York. I’m high functioning autistic and my son is too. Nothing wrong here!! It’s so nice to meet you :cat: hope to chat soon bc I’m awaiting my cab. But hope you have a great day!
Blessed be :pray:


Hello @atypical_witch and welcome!
I’m Pedro from Puerto Rico, I’m glad to see you and that you decided to be part of this awesome community. Looking forward to read from your magickal journey and experiences.


I first became aware of Hinduism when I was in third grade and went over to my classmate’s home. They were the only Indian family in a pretty much all white smallish city near Cleveland, Ohio. I was immediately fascinated with the artwork and imagery in their home and even more entranced by the idea of animal/human hybrid beings. Throughout the rest of my life through college most of my friends were Indian and Pakistani. I’m careful of cultural appropriation and don’t profess to have any expertise in Hinduism. It’s more like I’ve always felt Lord Ganesh was like a friend who keeps an eye out for me and occasionally removes or puts obstacles in my way depending on what I need and I use this idea as a lens through which I can examine my life in order to learn.


What a great way of looking at Him!


I always wanted to go to Puerto Rico because of the radio telescope in Arecebo (and my great love for the idea of communicating with beings in the universe. Ah well, at least there’s still X Files reruns on Hulu.


Bad news about the telescope of Arecibo, it doesn’t exit anymore. One section collapsed and it was impossible to restore. :sweat:


I recently read that they are already working on a new one!


That is awesome! I’ve been so bummed.