Auralite 23 Info 💎

     **Auralite 23**

Mineral Family: Quartz
Structure: Silicate
Hardness: 7.4
Chakra: Third Eye :eye: and Crown :crown:
Zodiac: All
Element: Earth, water, storm
Planet: All
Color: Violet, sometimes red
Days of Week: All

Auralite 23 is composed of 35 elements of the periodic table of elements with inclusions of 23 varieties of different crystals and rare minerals, including:
•limonite :lemon:

Phew, that’s a lotta!!!

Fact: All Auralite 23 is Super 7, but not all Super 7 is Auralite 23. (Super 7 is similar)

*Auralite 23’s structure reveals yet different layers of colors, ranging from white to garnet red.
(can you imagine just slicing one straight down, seeing every color :heart_eyes:)

*This extraordinary stone combines ALL the benefits of it’s composing minerals.

*The strong vibrations emitted by this crystal aim to create an Earth-Sky alignment.

*Other properties include: confidence, creativity, unblocks tangled minds, soothes the nerves, clarity, focus, control, understanding and expression of one’s thoughts and emotions, helps those with depression and PTSD, reduces muscle spasms, headaches and other tensions.

               -The Mineral Kingdom

Hey, doesn’t that look just like Chevron Amethyst?? Yup, same thing!!!

The last one has some inclusions of some sort. I don’t think I’ll ever know which mineral is inside!!!???!!!


Oh my goodness! :star_struck: I like this one! I have never seen it around me though. I will have to see what my other 2 places to get crystals has for this. Maybe the one that goes to crystal shows can find some! Oh thank you!