Author Interview 📚 Magical Realism

Hello everyone! I wanted to share this interview with you that I did recently with author MA Phillips.

M. A. Phillips is a writer and fabric artist in Northern NY. She lives with her husband, daughter, and three lazy cats. She fell in love with writing and sewing at a young age thanks to her encouraging, creative family. Over the years, she’s made various plushies and fabric art dolls who have found homes on bookshelves and altars around the United States. Mythology, folklore, and the landscape are her primary inspirations.

She is writing a book series right now that I just absolutely adore called The Rituals of Rock Bay. Books one and two are already out and book three is set to be out on Bealtaine.

The first book is called River Magic and that’s when I fell in love. MA Phillips writes about a modern druid because she herself is a modern ADF druid. Even if you don’t check out the interview, I’m sure some of you may enjoy her pagan fiction. You can find information about her and her books on Shadow Spark Publishing.


M.A. Phillips sounds absolutely fascinating- with her interesting beliefs and exciting creative callings :sparkles: And her books look wonderful too- thanks so much for the introduction to her and her works, @MeganB! :grin: :books: :two_hearts: