Baby Witch from Florida!

Hi friends, I’m Maddie and I’m looking to learn more about witchcraft! I was brought to this website because it’s so easy to get confusing information these days and having all of these wonderful topics and courses in one spot is going to be such a huge help! I’m into tarot cards, crystals, and herbs! I also really love art and have been incorporating that into my practice as well.


Glad to have you here! You will find several of us here who are also into art and tarot, and we’re all basically one huge helping hand :smiley:

Also, I’ll be moving to Florida next month - the Tampa area :slight_smile:

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Art and Witchcraft go together like peanut butter and jelly! :sandwich:

We started a discussion on that topic a while back:

Welcome to the Forum, Madison! :partying_face:

Feel free to comment on any Forum topic that you like, or create a new topic to share any ideas, experiences or things you are learning at the moment!


Welcome and Merry Meet! You are going to love it here! So many great people, and information galore! Sit down with a cuppa, and start browsing, its fun! Blessed Be!

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Hello! Merry meet :slight_smile: I am a crystal/gemstone addict haha. And I love art as well! Im actually currently in college as an Art Major! I do photography & painting!

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