Baby witch here!

Hi guys! I just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Deanna, I’m a baby witch :slight_smile: I’m an empath, claicognizant and very clairsentient! I am still working on meditating & clearing my mind in order to better use my super powers :yum:. I’m 22, 23 on dec 21st sag/cap cusp. I look forward to meeting everyone! :heart_eyes:


Merry Meet, Deanna! Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Thanks for giving us such a clear introduction! How long have you been practicing Magic? :sparkles:

Feel free to explore the forum and comment in any topic you like! Here are a few tips:

Let me know if you have any questions! Blessed be! :sparkles:

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Thank you for the information!!
I have been practicing for about 4 months now :heart_eyes: my calling is definitely more towards the green witch side!


A very warm welcome to you, @deanna2! :heart:

And hooray for another Green Witch! :green_heart::herb: Do you maybe have a favorite herb or plant that you like to work with? There are a lot of discussions here in the forums about plant, kitchen, and herbal magic- feel free to search the forums if you have any specific topic you’d like to look into! :blush:

I’m also working on my meditation practice- @SilverBear has posted some beautiful and very helpful guided meditations! Her Breath Meditation is lovely :woman_in_lotus_position: A great way to combine your green magick with meditation is through Tea Meditations. There are some herbal tea recipes and guided meditations on the Spells8 site that you be interested in checking out! :tea:


You are very welcome here- I can’t wait to talk with you more! :two_hearts: Feel free to reach out in the forums at any time if you have tips, questions, or experiences you would like to share- we all have so much we can learn from each other! :open_book::sparkles:

Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:

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