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Just awaiting a few more things for my altar wicca reaches out to me because as a child under the moon I never felt more charged alive and safe. I am was torn between my Christianity and feeling there was missing pieces to my universal thoughts and connections the talk on seer revelators the use of Angels. It hurt that my open mindedness was rebuked by my faith as a darkness I should never question. But then they believed in healers and crystals meditation essential oils to me Christianity seemed to taken ancient magic and applied as miracles etc would the Lord really strike me down for using earth’s natural resources and looking after her.? Im not out to harm anyone just connect and respect these gifts christ created giving my thanks the glory back to him. How is that kind of magic to protect yourself make me a better me in anyway satanic or dark? Wicca has taught me I can evolve personally on a deeper more spiritual level. I am reaching out to others who like me are still using Christ or heavenly father as their higher deities. I’ve 2 altars one is with Mary and christ where I can do Crystal works and Angelic oracle readings and connect with Angels and meditate. My other Altar has a statue mother nature and a forest god. (Awaiting their arrival) along with Cauldron and offering bowls ordered.
Where I will commit my spell work and rituals.
With being new to the craft it comes in handy to be able to seek help and instruction I was going to solitary but then I’m limited in helping on a much grander and larger scale the world is becoming very different ever changing so support is definitely useful. Just add I’ve not attempted to cast a circle yet let alone get started but I’m becoming more comfortable with my new journey with much study I have took much thought into this new me to be certain its the direction I need to go in if that makes sense… 48 yrs old and branching out. I’m not a church goer but like my very distant ggggggrandfather 47th or 48th Uther pendragon and King Arthur are in my lineage and believe they are the ones guiding me along I feel their influences and blessing and believe Arthur found a balance between magic and Christianity so its more him I feel a connection with. Again not sure if anyone can relate or make sense of this. Blessed Be to all xxx


Thanks for sharing that with us!

I have discovered that there are many types of Christian Wiccans, who aren’t really either Christian or Wiccan, but a mixture of both.

There are, for example, Trinitarian Wiccans, who work with the Goddess but their devotion lies exclusively with the Christian pantheon. It’s mostly a Wiccan tradition influenced by Christianity.

And then there are those Christian Wiccans try to fit the Virgin Mary into the role of Goddess.

I think it’s important to leave labels aside and try to find a personal path, so I encourage you to keep studying and learning. You can follow this easy Circle Casting Visualization exercise to get started.

Blessed Be! :pray:


Merry Meet! I understand your feelings completely! Enjoy your path, make it your own. We are here if you ever have questions or need anything… most all of us have been through the “witches are bad” thing, people just don’t understand it, or don’t want to know about us.
Blessed Be you are in the right place!


You are very welcome here, @phyliss! :sparkling_heart:

Everyone approaches their path in a different way and different times in their lives. And while each of us may encounter different twists and turns, we are all walking together. I hope you find the forums here to be a place where you and nurture, grow, and share your unique practice- we all have so much to gain learning from each other!

Feel free to reach out at any time- we are very happy to have you here! :sparkles:


Hi @phyliss :sparkles:

Merry meet! :blush:


Merry meet I’ve started visualisation and at first saw auras blues pinks purples then various eyes before seeing a half human lady and half tiger. Her legs were human but her arms torso and head were as a tiger.
Also saw my husband though he appeared as a blackened figure he was half in half out an equally darkened doorway but in the opened doorway there was a blinding bright white light. My husband looked really dare I say hot tall slim and very healthy looking not as I knew him here but I didn’t marry his body I married his inward spirit which was as I saw.
I also so a black cat and a dog.
I didn’t want to come out from where ever it was I was it was sheer blissful peace.


It sounds like you have had some powerful experiences with visualization- congratulations, @phyliss! Thank you for sharing what you saw.

You saw so many animals and animal traits during your visualization- tigers, a cat, and a dog too! Do any of these animals have a special meaning to you? @Francisco has talked a bit about connecting with animals as both Spirit Animals and Power Animals. Maybe you have an animal spirit guide who is helping you, and showing itself to you in this special way! :sparkling_heart:

I wish you continued bliss and success with your future visualizations! :sparkles:


Hey!! @phyliss
Merry meet​:heart::heart::crescent_moon::sparkles::sparkles:


thank u had to share something today I say I’m not afraid but I’m am tbh terrified hoping what I shared is safe to gave done so on all levels but It was a bolt from the blue experience


Welcome @phyliss sounds like you had a great experience


I think you are very strong, @phyliss! :heart: Visualizations can be enlightening but also terrifying too- I hope writing about your experience helped you to feel more comfortable with it! :pray::two_hearts: You are very welcome to share your experience here at any time- and I hope that as you practice, you gain confidence and security in your magick! :sparkles: You are very blessed :sparkling_heart:

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Had a cat Salem for 17 years he could actually talk he would say mummy and once I told him off and sent him upstairs all we all heard was him say im not going upstairs we couldn’t believe it it was so funny though. He died saving our other cat from a dog he pushed her out the way to sadly he couldn’t live for long after he clung on the for 3 and half hours his injuries should have killed him straightaway so vets helped cover cost for his cremation we still have his ashes. And dogs I’ve always loved them always felt connected at every chance I got I would dog sit for others or walk them. I now have my own Stanley hes a Lanky legged greyhound. Also when we had an evil entity I one night was being guarded by a huge black dog with red eyes my lil sister witnessed this it snarled at her she dived under her covers refusing to come out me I had the most peaceful sleep for once so had known nothing abt it took her years to speak abt it.

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