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My name is Elora and I’ve been studying Green, hedge and Kitchen witchcraft on and off for a few years, I wanted to say hi on here and really let myself dive into the learning of everything. I’ve decided to stick to those 3 as I do not want to worship a god… or godess. I just want to learn to live breathe and think nature. I’m 6 months pregnant and feel so alive and and connected with nature more. If anyone has tips let me know!


Merry Meet Elora!! Welcome! Here you will find all sorts of topics that can keep you busy, You don’t have to worship a god or goddess…Thinking Nature is the best way to go as we are all nature,Blessed Be!


Hi Elora! Welcome!! :wave:

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you haven’t already, take this Green Magic course: Green Witch Video Course. There are a few basic witchy herbs there, and we will be adding more soon.

I personally enjoy tea spells and meditations as a way to connect with Nature.

You can always use the Q&A forum to ask about anything else you need!

Blessed be! :pray:


I’d like to know more bout what you study

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My current studies include herbology…I try to learn one new herb or plant a week including the history, medicinal and scientific sides of that plant but also a look into astrology and how that correlates with plants, and energies. Been off and on for a while so I feel I’m starting over this time.


Welcome! Blessed be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: