Back to square one

Hi everyone, so as some of you have read on my recent post i had completed my assessments for this semester, however this has now changed… I had thought i had pinned the assessment on the dot but i had not according to my educator and now have to redo the whole thing… Life is not looking less busy for now and i was really hoping to finish some of the weekly studies i was behind on (although not necessary i could at least do it to boost my education and knowledge)… Geez i hope i have the strength! :weary:


I am sure that is frustrating. Just take one day at a time. When having an extra busy day, I find starting with grounding outside and appreciating the elements, then channeling energy from the the sun, I tend to be more productive at least feel like it. My thoughts will be with you i wish you all the best in your endeavors. Blessed be


I have faith in you! You’ve completed so many successful things like losing weight and how you cleaned you space in such little time. I know it’s upsetting but learn from it!


Oh, jeeze, I’m so sorry! That’s awful! I’m sure you can do it again, even if it is frustrating.


Oh no, baby girl! So very sorry, I bet you feel pretty frustrated at this point, but take heart.
I chose uncomfortable topics for papers I wrote. 50-60 years ago, Euthanasia was an almost taboo subject but I was able to scrape up a paper that actually earned me an A. Another was about the Ponies of Kamchatka and the need to conserve their numbers. No one cared at that point and I was called a tree-hugger but earned another A.
College papers are like Magick, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
Sending you love and inspiration.
Blessings and lots of love.


I’m sorry to hear this and I know you are frustrated. Just remember that we are given challenges in life as lessons. Look at this situation and determine what you can learn from it, even if it is a small lesson in the shadow of the big picture. Take a moment to breathe and ground as Keilana suggested and then get back at it. We are all cheering for you!


I’m so sorry to hear it, Khadija- it sounds like you worked hard, and it is always very frustrating to put in the time and effort only to have to redo it again. Sending big hugs your way :people_hugging: :heart:

I second what others have said here- no matter the situation, remember that you are strong! Perhaps there is something here that you still need to experience or learn, an important moment or lesson that will be essential to you moving forward- maybe in the course, or perhaps in life as a whole.

I wish you a boost of energy and positivity as you take on whatever comes next- you can do it, Khadija! I’m cheering for you! :heart::tada:



[quote=“Amaris_Bane, post:6, topic:23607”]
we are given challenges in life as lessons.

How profound, Day by day, week by week, my love your wisdom grows.
Keep growing and you will be a profound Witch!


Thank you. It is stressful, so much so i have left it for this weekend to smash out in one hit! I just have to remember its the last task for the semester then in a month a whole new one will start and that will be it! Degree finished! Thank you for your kind words :blush: :heartpulse:


Thank you! Regardless if i want to do the assessment or not i have decided to smash it out the best i can. Fingers crossed the educator is happy with my submission this time :blush:


I am sure i will as it is eating me knowing that’s all there is to the semester…


Thank you Garnet and i am so proud u stuck it out too… Honestly i will try, try again as it is in my nature. Until i know i have done my absolute best i will not give in. Take my 4 kids for example, i was pregnant 12 times and still had hope and they are happy healthy kids… :heartpulse:


Thank you and i am sure even with all the challenges i will eventually get there


Thank you i really needed your support and energy… I will try to learn from my previous mistakes through the educators note and look at the assessment in a new light focusing on the actual questions the assessment is asking :heartpulse:


Wishing you all the best with it! Good luck! :heart::raised_hands: