Bad energy

ειχα προβλημα στο σπιτι οκ καυγαδες
κατι που δεν κανουμε με τον συντροφο μου
ειπα…κατι δεν παει καλα εδω…
Εκανα καθαρισμο ενεργειας με Αλατι και Νερο
Εβαλα σε ενα ποτηρι αρκετο αλλατι και νερο ελαχιστα να το σκεπαζει πηρα ενα πλαστικο πιρουνι και καρφωσα ενα καθαρισμενο σκορδο τα εβαλα μπροστα στην πορτα Το αλατι ΑΝΕΒΗΚΕ στο ποτηρι Η αληθεια γι αυτο που υπηρχε…Ποια επιστημη θα το εξηγησει?Καμια! Εκανα ασπιδα καινουρια γυρω απο το σπιτι με ενα μειγμα αυγα τσοφλια και μαυρο αλατι Αναψα και φασκομηλο και καπνισα μεσα το σπιτι…Τωρα ειναι ολα θαυμασια !

I had a problem at home, ok fights
something my partner and I don’t do
I said…something is wrong here…
I did an energy cleanse with Salt and Water
I put in a glass enough other things and water at least to cover it I took a plastic fork and nailed a cleaned garlic I put them in front of the door The salt RISED in the glass The truth about what was there…Which science will explain it? None! I made new shields around the house with a mixture of eggshells and black salt. I also inhaled sage and smoked inside the house… Now everything is wonderful!


That picture is intense! :astonished: I can’t even begin to try and explain what happened or why, but I’m glad that you did the cleanse and it seems to be working! :clap:


Incredible experience. Happy what you did worked


Whoa. I’m glad your cleansing helped.


Thank goodness! I’m glad everything worked out and you were able to cleanse the bad energy. Congrats on your successful spellwork, Airam- great work! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh wow! I honestly am stumped, I have never seen or had such a thing happen! I am so glad that you knew something was off & were able to do the cleansings & things are wonderful now! :revolving_hearts:


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