Bedroom cleanse, wondering if someone has tips

So my youngest daughter has taken over the small bedroom in my apartment. This is the same girl that felt that she couldn’t sleep in the one room cuz of a spirit that my friend then in turn had to remove.

She was fine at first but recently she started to say the room feels off and that she is feeling like someone is watching. I get that feeling and will do a cleanse.

My routine:
cast a circle
place a plate on the center of the room, with a white candle surrounded by black salt.
use sage to remove the energy counter clockwise
sprinkle with moon water, setting the intention of room being for positivity clockwise
use palo santo for the same reason, clockwise.
make sure I seal the windows, get in the closet
close the circle

wondering if that is good enough or if someone has advise on a better routine. Figured it couldn’t help to ask


There was something that i learned how to do on the lightorking course that I did a few years ago and it really works…
Before you even start to cleanse or do any removals…
Epson salts
Surgical spirits
Tin foil

Place some tin foil shiny side up in a plate. Put a handful of epson salts and put some surgical spirits over the epsom salts… Wet it but don’t drown it in the stuff…
Next light it… It will flame and burn. Once the flame has died down you will see black and grey spots… Thats the bad stuff…
This is what we do for immediate cleanses… If its really bad do it again…
When you dispose of it be very careful not to touch the salts.

After that you can do your normal cleanse and protect.

Hope this helps. I had a lady who was being haunted by some very bad spirits and we did this daily for about a week and after that… Her home was quiet and all the spookys were gone…

Hope this helps.


Warm greetings @Dierna_Nimue_Selene!

It sounds like a solid ritual to me- I’m a big fan of using salt in cleansing work, and black salt in particular is very protective :salt:. Sage and palo santo are also good inclusions for cleansing and protection :herb:

That being said the only way to know if it’s worked or not is to pay close attention after the ritual. How often did your daughter feel the strange presence? If it was only once in a while, it might take some time to make sure the entity is gone or if it still lingers.

If the ritual is cast and she still feels the presence, then I would recommend trying something else or approaching it from a new perspective. It looks like @yolande1 has a good ritual you might try, and I would also consider making a dream pouch/nightmare ward to help comfort and protect your daughter while she is asleep :sleeping:

Wishing you all the best of luck with removing the creepy presence- good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


I’m a big advocate for playing music to get rid of negativity. Awake Nation on YouTube has many great tracks that help heal and turn away negativity.


So I d my version and go from there and see what she said. To be honest, as I was grounding myself (door closed to the room and the window open) I felt something (hard to explain) under her bed. Not in the closet like I expected.

@TheTravelWitch_Bry I will def keep what you said in about the ward. That might be my next step.

@yolande1 i will try that as well but will need to find out where I can find surgical spirits in Canada. But a very interesting approach I would like to try.

@Amethyst i will play that the next time. I forgot all about til I came to reply. Thanks :slight_smile:



So, one thing I would do differently is not casting a circle before you cleanse the space. For me, the circle is cast to contain the energy of the space. If you’re casting a circle before you cleanse, whatever you’re removing from the space has no way to get out because it’s contained in a circle.

That’s not to say that what you’re doing is working or going to work – if it works then that’s great! – I just wanted to offer a different method in case you feel like it doesn’t work well enough.

I would cleanse first, then cast the circle, then cast any protection spells you need to do.


You’re welcome! That music makes great sleeping music so maybe play it at night! Might help.


O my word you can’t get surgical spirits in Canada?


Surgical Spirits is the same thing as rubbing alcohol :blush: I’m not sure what it’s called in Canada but that’s what it’s called here in the US.


You are right, I just didn’t know it was called something else in the UK. Only ever known it as Rubbing Alcohol and don’t know anyone in the UK to have said otherwise until now. Thanks, I know we have that here, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought that’s what it was but I had to look it up and double check lol


Wishing you the best of luck! If you do decide to go for the ward, I hope it helps :pray::blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles: