Bedtime stories💞

When I was little, my mother gave us to books to read, Cinderella and Bambi.
They’re both in French, so we’re happy looking at the cartoons.
We all know the story, poor little girl that went to boarding school after parents separated.
To finally meet handsome prince that swoop her away from the ugly stepmother and stepsisters.
They’ve flown to Neverland Hollywood to live happy ever after.
See, I do not like remakes. Sometimes it is better to leave things as they are. I should know that, I am a chef!.
A cook is like an alchemist and kitchen, his laboratory…But since we’re not getting grilled like kebabs anymore, I say, I’m a witch conjuring potions in my cauldron.
I remember the old wise druid in Asterix.
Popular and revered by the peaceful tribe goers.
And then, Romans arrived…trying to rewrite history with Christianity and everything else.
But that’s another story.
So, getting to the point.
Love good all films:
Rebecca, Gone with the wind, when Harry met Sally… unforgettable line: " l’ll have what she’s having"!-To name but a few.
Yes, what She’s that I do not.
Beautiful?, I say average!
Would like to find out where she’s found that magic wand.
Everything she touches turns gold, hopefully she will not end up like poor weathy king Midas.
I do not normally follow these fairytales, but as a famous financial guru twitted recently, and have of the population did not get “the yoke”:- Anything on the telly?
Referring to the most watched and talked show on earth to date, like we do not have enough to convert ourselves about!.
I hate it when educated people do not end sentences correctly. I, as a foreigner, had to ask for help to understand it, believe me when I say I lack sense of humour.
And I have been more than 20 years in this island.

If anyone feel raw about my comments, forgive me, I did not inherit 10 million from my mother and is hard to get by when chances to find a job are getting abysmal.
Many people can relate to this. Feel sorry for those worse off or long gone.

They say we all are born with the same powers, only 10% of our mind is used.
Let’s find our very own magic wand to live happy ever after, we truly deserve it!


Forgive my spelling errors!


This is beautifully worded, @Basil- cheers to Kitchen Witchery! :bowl_with_spoon: :sparkles: I can see you have had an exciting journey with lots of travel and learning- good for you, you have come a long way! :heart:

I have always been a fan of story books and fairy tales- and I think you raise a very important point. It is worthwhile to take a deeper look at these stories and question the characters and their abilities :+1:

I think seeing the characters’ journies while also accepting that these stories usually require a suspension of disbelief to read them, makes it easier for us to handle our own unique situations and flaws. I’ve learned many things from fairy tales- on both the surface and from looking deeper! :open_book: :sparkles:

Blessed be!

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