Been busy busy busy

Hi Everyone
I have been a bit quiet lately I know… So much is going on right now.
My son and I decided to buy some plants and start our own little garden. I have always been useless at putting plants into the ground but pretty good with potted plants.
We have this huge tree right outside our door which provided a lot of shade which is welcoming in the blistering heat in the western cape summer months. Only thing is this tree, which turned out to be a weeping fig tree happens to be toxic. The roots, leaves, bark and berries when they green… I couldnt understand why my one dog often suddenly becomes sick and i have to give her activated charcoal which then clears it all up… She was eating the green berries… Then my new plants kept on getting diseases and ooo gosh it was a nightmare. Not to mention leaves EVERYWHERE as this tree is continuously shedding!
Anyway after i discovered what the problem was i had people come in and cut the tree back… Didnt remove it completely but it is much smaller now…
Then we had no shade so my son and I built some wooden lean to’s against the house to provide the shade. And of course a nice place to put the plants… They thriving and my dog isnt getting sick anymore. It was hard work. But you know how it goes… Once one is complete you spot the next area of the yard that can be fixed up and made pretty…

So thats why i have been out of touch… I have however been reading all the awesome messages from everyone on the forum and browsing the website…

My mom took also took a turn for the worse… Landed up in hospital. She lives 1500km away from me so its not like i can go see her. I got the dreaded call yesterday morning. She weighs only 35kg… They tell me she barely eats and should have gone to the doctor ages ago. Turns out she has pneumonia… In that little body. I nearly died of fright and worry. So i spoke to her and have asked her to sell her house and come live with me. She is such a special soul my mother and is worried about everyone else she looks after over herself. She has however promised to talk it over with her friend who lives with her. Right now the way i feel i am happy to give her and her friend my bedroom and ill sleep in the lounge… At least i will be able to watch over her.
Where she lives its a dangerous place. The white people are hated and farmers are being murdered on a daily basis. She lives in the town but… Ah… I just worry…
So thats pretty much whats going on in my life…
On the positive side I have found that I have become more accepting of myself and who I am over the last while and I am happy.



You have been really busy, so much going on in your life! I hope your mom feels better soon, and that you can find some peace and calm in your life. Thank you for the update. Take care dear one.

With love :heart: and big hugs :hugs: always


I’m so glad you were able to figure out what was happening and that you could cut the tree back so it isn’t harmful anymore! Thank goodness everyone is safe, and also that your plants are thriving in their new homes. They must be very happy with you and your son! :potted_plant: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can tell that you care about your mother a lot and that you would do anything for her wellbeing. She is so lucky and blessed to have you! I’m sending my prayers and hoping that she feels better asap- may she be healthy and well! :pray::candle::two_hearts:

That is a huge positive- congrats to you, Yolande! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Despite how busy things have been, I’m really happy to hear that you are doing well and that you are happy. Good for you, you deserve it! :hugs::two_hearts:


I’m so glad you figured out what that tree was doing. Much better for the doggies and all the other little animals. You’ll have to post pics of your garden when it really gets going.

I’m sorry to hear your Mother’s been sick. It’ll be better once you’ll have her near!


Thank you so much Amethyst… Geez it was a nightmare… And the leaves berries the whole place full ALL THE TIME… was driving me crazy. Spent my life sweeping…

Yes I need my mom around. She is getting old now and it is time for her to be close to family…


Ah thanks so much Bry… amazing how it takes like 50 years to get to this point…


You know Bry you mention my son… I am so proud of him. He has really started to grow into himself lately. He is 26 years old and always been a very shy and withdrawn person. Lately he is talkative, making friends and spending a lot of time with me. He was accepted into a program for software engineering which he is excelling at. I work from home so he has a desk in my office where he studies all day… Its amazing how far we have come and I am so grateful for every day that I get to spend with him.


Thank you so much Marsha… Sending you a big hug… You guys are all amazing in this coven… Thank you…


A huge cograts to your son on being accepted into the program- that’s amazing! And software engineering is some pretty fancy stuff, he must be one smart guy! :grinning:

It sounds like he has been making some wonderful improvements and really coming into himself lately. I can see why you are so proud of him! He is very blessed to have you there cheering him on and supporting him on his journey :blush:

Many blessings to you both!


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