Been busy with work

I have been reading the forums everyday and replying when I can.

Going back to 50 hour weeks plus finishing up my doctorate it taking up alot of time.

This doesn’t effect my personal life and practicing, but it has slowed me down in posting new stuff.

The girls have been working on some new deity pages, and incense recipes. When I get some free time this week I’ll finish them up and send to @Francisco.

Hoping to get alot done on my day off tomorrow and Wednesday.

Once I finish my dissertation I will have more free time to post new stuff daily again.


Sounds great, Daniel! Thanks for the heads up!

I’m glad you’re back to work and continuing your education. Is that still online? Also, how is Bella doing these days? :dog2:


@Francisco yes I am doing online with the school. I will have to return in person when things open up.

Bella is doing good. She will have her surgery on Wednesday. She has gotten some energy back but still pawing at her eye.


Best of luck with your busy work week and studies, @daniel4! :pray: I’ll look forward to seeing the new deity pages and incense recipes- but no rush at all! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now :+1:

Sending good thoughts to Bella for her upcoming surgery! :dog:

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I haven’t forgotten about the deities, and recipes.

Bella won’t wear her cone so we have had to consistently watch her so she doesn’t paw at her eye. She is healing up great and doesn’t act like she ever had anything done. The vet said her eye should be completely healed by end of next week then we don’t have to babysit her anymore. She has learned to turn away from us and try to sneak in a paw scratch lol.

I got called in for mandatory overtime as well, so today is my only free day until Wednesday.


I’m happy that you are back to work & have overtime! Good luck with your doctorate as well! Very busy where you are!

Continued blessings for Belle as she recovers!

Blessed Be!

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Glad to hear Bella is recovering well! :dog::two_hearts: No rush at all with the deities and recipes, @daniel4- sounds like you are working hard and have a lot on your plate! Be sure to take some time for yourself and relax when you can- that self-care is so important! :pray: Blessed Be! :hearts:

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