Before work routine

So I have started to find that I have a routine before work. I work from home, so it’s mainly involving my desk I work from.

I have learned to cleanse my area with sage, I find doing that helps me feel like I can handle what will come my way. I do three cycles around the area, clockwise to put up a protection wall. then I find what candle colour I should use on Spells 8, sometimes I use one that I feel reflects what I want for the day. I light it and then sit in the quiet, meditating and grounding myself.

I try to do this in the hour before I start. I work strictly 3pm to 11pm so it helps me get out of the every day fog and into work mode.

Today I drank some black tea with honey, lit a yellow and a black candle. Set out my black tourmaline, amysthyst and clear quartz crystals. And I meditated, focusing on being in the moment. I asked the Lord and the Lady to be present for my shift and to bless me with a good, positive evening.

Now I am ready for the day. I think that is a pretty good routine to have :slight_smile:


Sounds beautiful :heart: I hope to get back into some sort of daily thing myself.

Be sure that if you experience burnout, stick with the simplest things that you know you LOVE to do each day. For me it’s lighting a candle and greeting my deities. Some days I love pulling a card. I’m only saying this because I’ve set up daily things for myself a few times, only to overload with too much and burn out.

(I’m not saying you will, it just came to mind for me as I experienced it a few months ago myself!)

Edit: I want to add that your routine does sound very lovely and natural, like you have your own flow going. :heart: I think that’s wonderful!


I agree wholeheartedly- it sounds like you have designed a really lovely routine that helps you get through what each day has in store :blush:. Tea, candles, cleansing, meditation and crystals- it sounds absolutely beautiful :candle:

May your routine continue to bring you joy, peace, and success! :star2:

Blessed be!


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