Belief in God, Heaven or Hell

I’ve heard, often from our new members that they don’t believe in God, heaven, or hell. You know what? That’s ok.
I remember being very young, asking my Dad why people believe in different religions. As I think back, the simplicity of his answer makes me smile.
He told me that
“It’s the same God, but everyone just thinks about it a little differently. It’s the strength of your belief that makes it real.”
“Like what Daddy?” I asked.
“Well, Baby Ann, if a person truly believes that by rolling a peanut across the floor with their nose, they’d go to heaven, then that is what is real for that person. And that is their path, their belief.”
“That’s silly.’ I laughed.
“Maybe, but whatever you honestly believe is truth? Becomes truth.”
That conversation has often returned to me and with love, & I can say:'Thanks Dad.”
He was such a good man, too bad he never realized it.
Love you, Daddy.
PS, It doesn’t matter what you believe in, just believe in something. The Cosmos, the Universe, the moon, the God and or Goddess, or your newborn babe. Belief is the glue that holds the circle of life together.


This is great, @Garnet! Especially that last line. You have the heart and soul of a poet!


Beautiful and wise words :heart:

I like to believe that our God/dess has many facets and personalities, and we are but some of them :smile_cat:


I could not have said that better myself. To believe is what keeps many troubled individuals alive because once belief in anything in general goes out the door, then so does hope leading to seriously troubled people with unfortunate outcomes.
And in saying this, @Garnet i believe you are one beautiful unique individual and am glad i have the opportunity to read your posts and have you as a witch sister here which always never seize to amaze me :people_hugging: :blush: :heart:
Always do you and never stop as it is witches like you who make this world a better place for all. I believe this is why it is all worth it in the end to have such rare people in the world like yourself shining your bright positive light and enlightening knowledge upon us :blush:


Yes! Perfectly said!


That is beautiful @Garnet! Thank you for sharing.


He is absolutely right. Thank you for sharing this. As I struggle sometimes with my beliefs, it’s refreshing to read it’s okay to believe what I believe. :heart: Love this.