Best spells for luck and lottery?

Heya everyone ~
I’d love to know , what are your best spells to increase luck for things like lottery wins ? I already casted the Silver Moon spells found on the website last week and spent the coin I had use for the spell . I have just bought a lottery ticket with said coin but I’m wondering if there’s more spells or prayers that increase luck :four_leaf_clover:
Leaves suggestions below tysm :revolving_hearts:
Blessed be :first_quarter_moon_with_face::full_moon_with_face::last_quarter_moon_with_face:


I don’t know of any right off hand. The problem with the lottery is that so many people put their energy into it, it’s almost impossible to win even with a spell. You say you’ve found the Money spells on site? Other than that, I have no idea what to tell you, besides making a prosperity jar.

Good luck!


How do you make a prosperity jar ?


There is a good one on site that is for good luck and prosperity. It takes a few crystals and most of the other stuff you can get at the grocery store except for the black salt, which you can find a recipe for here.

Hope this helps!


Kasie’s good luck and prosperity jar is a great way to bottle up some luck- if you make a small version, you can carry it on a chain necklace or keep in a bag with you during the day! :blush::+1:

As a Green and Kitchen witch, my favorite go-to for an extra dash of luck is good 'ol basil:


While basil can be used to bring good luck in general, it is specially attuned to bringing luck with money- this spell may be a good option for you! :money_with_wings:

Fresh Funds: Money Spell with Basil


Wishing you good luck and prosperity, @MidnightVixxen ! :heart:


Luck has been on my mind lately :shamrock: so much so that my most recent video is actually about good luck charms :sweat_smile:

I don’t have any specific information about spells for good luck or winning the lottery, though :laughing: I think if anyone did, there would be a lot more rich witches in the world!


That is perfect timing with a perfect video, @MeganB! :star_struck: :shamrock:

This is a good point- I always think of good luck spells being best suited to increasing general good luck. Even if the results aren’t immediately obvious- like winning the lottery- I think these spells are increasing luck (or preventing bad things from happening) in ways that the caster may not know about! :blush::sparkles:


That’s exactly how I see it, too!