Birthday Gift -- BOS

So, it’s a bit late (my birthday was August 28) but Walter reminded me this morning that I had never shared it. My moms best friend also practices, so I’ve always gotten great gifts from her – crystals, a tarot card bag, incense, etc. This year, she got me this:

Inside – old school, the pages are sewn in which is cool but also part of why I’ve hesitated on starting it.

And also this spellbook:

Its SO thick! Full of knowledge & I’ve only flipped through it a few times so far!

I fell asleep at 7PM last night & woke up at 4AM ready for the day! So I decided today is going to be for art & my BOS! Yay!!!


The BOS is so pretty! :heart_eyes:
Share any cool stuff you find in the other book! :star_struck:


OOH very pretty BOS! That is going to be awesome!

I have that book but I haven’t looked through it in a while. I need to do that again soon.

So many books, so little time.


Happy (Belated) Birthday, @haley! :cake::two_hearts: And wow you got some lovely treasures- look at that Book of Shadows! I just love the old school, almost antique vibe it has :open_book::sparkles: Enjoy!


That journal is beautiful!! Don’t hesitate to get started on it. Just start and keep going!

If at any point in the future you realize you don’t like any of the pages, you can paste stuff on top of them, or paint with markers on it. I’m always doing that in my journal: