Blessed be love and light from my soul

First thank you for everyone’s engry sent to my family my daughter and son in law are home. Came to close for that day never to happen. Jordan is okay on oxygen but hopefully will not need a partial lung transplant. He has over come everything this far… my beautiful daughter has learned so many lessons. Jordan who always been a part of us is so alive in his soul its beautiful Gave him his first tarot deck… after leaving there house I closed the door put my back against the door took my shoes off look onto the sky tears pouring down my face and for the first time in months I could breath the most weight lifting deep breath and sang then gratude to the God and goddess who are apart of me. I can center focus and hold my energy and get center back to my walk. So mote it be

My apologies for not being more present here


So glad they are home safe and I’ll continue to keep them in mind. Don’t apologize for not being here, it’s understandable. HUGS! :hugs:


I’m happy to hear that everything is going better and they are home safe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: No apologies necessary!


Really happy for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: glad to know everything is working out for the better. LOVE :heart: & LIGHT :candle:


That is a wonderful update- I’m so happy for you and your loved ones, @amy3! :heart: There’s never any need to apologize for taking the time you need for a step back, you had a lot on your plate! The coven is always here to welcome you back with open arms :blush:

May the good energy continue to flow and more blessings come your way!

Blessed be, Amy :sparkles:


Hey, don’t you dare apologize for not being here. You had more important things going on in your life that are now getting better!!! :pray: I’m glad that you shared this wonderful news!!! :revolving_hearts: