Blessings for a Big Move 🏠

Warm greetings to all! :heart:

I’m both excited and nervous- I’ll be packing everything up this weekend and moving to a new apartment! :house: The new place is, luckily, in the same city- it’s a lot less stress to not have to drag everything across international borders :sweat_smile:

Any blessings or good thoughts are greatly appreciated :pray: - the next few days will be full of exciting new changes (and lots and lots of paperwork :bookmark_tabs: )!

May everyone have a blessed weekend! :blush:


Sending you lots of positive vibes and blessings for you and your move. Although it comes across as stressful packing/unpacking, just think of the new experiences/memories you’ll make in your new apartment. :sparkling_heart: :hugs:


Remember to take a picture of your previous home/apartment!! :camera: So you’ll have nice memories to look back in a few years!

Here’s a home blessing for the new place (Found on Pinterest)


Oh you will love your new place and feel sooooo secure in it, I can feel it. Enjoy the move, and relish in the new atmosphere! Blessed Be!

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Good luck moving. Even across the city, it’s a big thing.

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Thank you all SO MUCH for your kind thoughts, words, and blessings! :sparkling_heart:

This is so sweet, thank you @ana6! :hearts: You’re right- it’s easy to get to lost in the wave of details and little issues. But this is a good reminder to take a step back and think about the future! I’m hoping to fill this new place with lots of love and smiles (and hopefully a bit of magick too! :wink:) :two_hearts:

Thank you for sharing this lovely home blessing, @Francisco! :sparkling_heart: I did a small incense blessing yesterday- I feel like this chant goes perfectly along with an incense burning ritual! :candle: I feel inspired to get the incense back out and do a bigger ceremony! :star_struck: (I just have to remember where I put the incense… getting used to the new place will take a while! :laughing:)

You are so kind, thank you very much @roxanne! :two_hearts: Your feeling is spot on- I was a bit nervous at first, but I’m settling in quicker than expected! IT feels like the start of an exciting new beginning :blush:

Thank you so much, @kasie! :sparkling_heart: You’re right- even without the craziness of airports and international travel, dragging suitcases around the city is still quite a project! I definitely got my exercise this weekend :laughing:

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