Books, Tomes & Tales - Solitary Witch

Here’s my thoughts on this weekend’s challenge! This excerpt is from the Solitary Witch “The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation” by Silver RavenWolf

“The essence of witchcraft is transformation. The idea us to take the “you” currently present and accounted for and change into something better, greater, stronger and incredibly dynamic. Being a witch means to want to work everyday to be a better person. When you change yourself, then the world around you cannot help but change. There’s no getting around it.”

I absolutely loved that. Obviously I couldn’t read the whole 500+ page book, but I did spend time browsing the pages and reading through some parts I found interesting. There is just so much information here, and I’m happy I was gifted this book. There are parts that seem rather juvenile/immature, but I think it’s due to trying to include a younger audience.

I read blurbs about tarot, scrying, the sabbats, elemental correspondences and a variety of random spells. They range from super simple sigil spells to pages-long more complicated spells.

I paid close attention to the Samhain pages, as it’s coming soon :jack_o_lantern: this was the most interesting piece of information I found!

Age of holiday: Second oldest unbroken holiday in European world, approximately 6,000 years old

I definitely enjoyed this challenge, and it pushed me to read a few of my favorite thriller murder mystery novels as well! Thanks again for always giving us the right challenge at the right time!


Thank you for sharing with us @haley! I haven’t read that book but I really like that quote!! Would you say then, that it’s a good book for a gift?

Also thanks to @TheTravelWitch for hosting this weekly witchy challenge!


This is awesome, Haley- you are very welcome and I’m so glad you enjoyed both the challenge and your book! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sounds like lots of interesting information in there… if Samhain is the second oldest unbroken holiday in Europe, I wonder what the oldest holiday is- Yule, maybe? :thinking: I really love the quote you shared too- positive and inspirational!

Thanks so much for sharing! :heart: Enjoy your murder mystery novels- which are you planning to read next? :books::star_struck:


You’re very welcome, Francisco! And thank you for the link back to the challenge- it helps me collect all the entries when it’s time for the Props and Presents reward post! :grin::+1:


I own this book too, actually just picked it up about a month ago. I’m giving it a complete read through and have really enjoyed it. Great book!