Bring back ex boyfriend

My boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago. We officially stopped all communication last week Wednesday when he came over my home and said that although he loves me, he can’t be with me right now. He mentioned that he’s afraid of the future. That he is scared we might not work in the long run and we will all end up hurt, including my son who loves him very much.
He said he needed time to think things through but realized that with asking for time, he was hurting me in the process and said he has to let me go. He also said that if we are meant to be, we will be.

I am completely new to this and I saw a spell with red candle and honey.
Is there a specific day that I need to do this? I think it said “bring ex lover back”.
Does anyone have any other recommendations?


Using Magic to influence a person (such as an ex) is not always recommended. Most of the time, it’s unethical to interfere with someone’s free will or cast spells on a person without their permission.

On the other hand, Magic has been used for this very purpose (love, marriage, loyalty) for thousands of years. So I considered important to include a honey jar spell in the Love Spells page. :heart:

However, you’ll notice that most of the spells are focused on self-love and/or opening up to love, without targeting anyone directly.

I recommend that you cast a spell for clarity, for example, to identify what caused the relationship to end, to determine if there was anything that you could do or say, and to work out whether this situation might be positive for you in the long run.

If you have done this and are set on doing a honey jar spell, I suggest that you add to the end of your incantation:

“For the greater good of everyone involved, and harm no one!”

And follow the instructions on the spell recipe.

Good Luck and Blessed Be! :pray:


Sorry to hear about the tough situation with your boyfriend, @briggitte. I understand this must be tough for both you and your son.

Like Francisco mentioned, definitely think on it for a while before using your magick to influence your boyfriend’s decisions. There are many bumps in the road of life, and sometimes things that seem very bad can actually lead you to a better place, somewhere that you may actually be happier- even if it can be hard to imagine now.

If you do decide to work magick of some kind (whether to try to bring him back, or to strengthen yourself and self-love), definitely cleanse the area beforehand. You will want to banish any negative or dark energies that may cloud both your mind and your spellwork. @SilverBear has shared a great (and also quick and easy!) Salt Bowl Cleansing Ritual :bowl_with_spoon:

I would also recommend doing some meditation beforehand, to help you approach this issue with a calm and sharp mind. If you’re interested in trying meditation, I’ve found Breath Meditation, Meditation Tips, and @MeganB’s Meditation Guide to be very helpful! :person_in_lotus_position:

I hope that this situation resolves for you, and that you may find peace and happiness! Sending lots of good energies and support! :heart:


I am sorry you are going through a rough time right now. To be honest, and to bring my old Crone opinion in on this, I would let things just be what they are. If you have to “force” a love connection, it wasn’t meant to be. As painful as it may be right now, it will get better.

If it doesn’t work out with this person, it means YOUR someone is still waiting to find you.

I would highly recommend doing some self-love spells and and self-care.
Cleanse your space, ground yourself, take a bath, enjoy a good book and some tea.
Meditate on this before making any quick spell choices.


Thank you all for your feedback. I know what is for me will be. We had an amazing relationship together. We love each other very much but something is on his mind that doesn’t let him be with me. I want him to want to come back on his own… I have tried meditating and it really helps me. I never knew how much peace that will bring me. Thank you all!


Do you do new moon manifestations? I would ask kindly for a romantic reunion and see what Selene delivers :blush:

If your ex isn’t the right path for you, Selene will definitely direct you to your correct one :cherry_blossom:

Good luck, remember, positivity draws more positivity :heart:


The best spell you can do is TIME…Do nothing say nothing. I know that is hard because you want him back. but getting him back when he is not sure of things is not a good thing at all. Let some time pass, don’t run after him, let time work this all out, and believe me it will work it all out the right way…