Bring back love spell

My current boyfriend and I have been together for almost 4 years. We have broken up several times in that time and it would last a day or so. But back in November we really broke up for two whole months. I truly thought it was completely over since I was the one who left him. During that time I started to like someone else and we shared a kiss things changed and we stopped talking and I was confused alittle hurt but I was fine. End of January I’m back on with my boyfriend. Things are going better this time around except he can’t get over the fact I kissed someone while I was single. Anyways, we got into a fight over something silly as usual and I read the Aphrodite bring back love spell along with the video cuz I just wanted to be good with him. I read the chant around 12pm no candles just the video. That night at like 3am the kid who I kissed while I was single messaged me a long message apologizing wishing we could go back to the night we kissed. It’s been 7 months since I’ve even talked to him! I told my current bf he messaged me as well, but like why did the spell bring him back? Could it be because my current bf wasn’t really gone so I didn’t need to bring him back and it brought back my most recent attraction? Could it be because that’s maybe where I should be?? I didn’t respond and he has not messaged me again but like I’m just so confused as to why the chant got directed a completely different way.

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That’s a good question. It’s very important to have a clear intention before casting any spell, otherwise you won’t have any control over what happens. And now you’re in a really confusing situation!

If you didn’t light any candles or anything, I don’t think that receiving that message was necessarily related to you reading the chant… but it’s possible that you unconsciously did!

I recommend that you meditate with a clear quartz for a bit and then do some writing or journaling, without thinking too much. Or start drawing for example. Then analyze what came out and see if there are any useful messages.

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Thankyou! I will do that. Yeah I just thought it was such a coincidence that he sent a message like that after I did the chant. @Francisco

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It sounds like you’ve found yourself in quite a confusing situation, @Blahhitsjazmin! Deep breath, calm thoughts- your love life is a bit turbulent at the moment, but everything will be okay! My guess is that the last spell didn’t have a clear direction :compass:, probably because you had a lot on your mind! In order to weather the storm of romance, you will have to quiet down the waves of your emotions. Then, you may be able to see clearly where you have to go and what you should do next :candle:

In order to reach a calm state of mind and step back from any chaotic energies your romances are causing, I would recommend trying a simple ritual to help you cleanse and stabilize your thoughts. Here are two great ones that I recommend:

Chamomile Cleansing Tea Meditation

Peace of Mind Spell

Once your thoughts are clear, you are relaxed, and you feel ready- it is time to deep a long, deep, hard look at your love life :heart:. Look back at old memories with both of these people- both the happy and the sad memories.

Ask yourself- why did you break up with your boyfriend in the past? Did you both change from the people who were back then- or are you trapped in a ceaseless cycle of break-ups and reunions? Do you accept the apology of this new person who was distant from you for so long? :thinking:

Visualize your future- who do you see yourself with? Are you happy in this future, or does this vision of the future cause you to worry?

As you ask yourself these questions and delve deep inside your mind- do not hide truths from yourself. You must be open and honest within your thoughts or it will be very hard to move forward. If you cannot listen to the truths inside you, then who will?

Romances bring so much delight and warmth but also so much chaos in our lives! :laughing: I wish you all the best of luck, and I am sending many good thoughts and support as you find your path in life and decide you who wish to walk down it with :railway_track::two_hearts:

Blessed Be! :heart:

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