Bring longevity to a relationship spell

Hi everyone just wanted to share a spell I did with an onion :onion: which is supposed to bring longevity to a relationship:


  • one onion (with roots)
  • one green spell candle


On the evening of a waxing crescent, on your altar after cleansing candle and onion, light green spell candle (carve names if preferred) and chant seven times while holding onion:

Buried in earth,
Theses roots will grow,
For years to come,
Our love will flow!

After chanting seven times finish with so mote it be!

Wait until candle has melted down and go outside dig a hole and bury onion root down and cover with soil (can do the same in a pot plant if in the ground is not an option). As the shoots starts to grow in the coming months your relationship will get stronger.

I have added my partner’s and my names on a piece of paper with the spell attached and sealed it for extra power.

What a better day to do so when we are in the waxing moon phase and the crystal of Friday is rose quartz representing love… :onion:

*Dont forget to open and close circle for protection!

Spell source: Holistic witch by Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway pg 170


A beautiful spell :blush: I don’t see many spells that use onions, but they are a great and potent ingredient that is easy to get and stores well for longer periods of time. A great ingredient! :onion:

Thank you for sharing the spell, @TheMuslimWitch- good luck and I hope things manifest positively for you! :heart:

Blessed be!


Thank you I will let you know if it grows in a few months time :relaxed:


Good luck with the spell! :sparkles:


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