Calling all green thumbs…

Hi I have a question to all your green thumb witches… has anyone has success with indoor windowsill herbs? On the first day of spring here I planted 7 different herbs and want to know the success of keeping them on a windowsill with indirect sun light? I don’t trust our local wildlife here and the last herbs I planted didn’t go well thanks to my pet cockatiels eating all the herbs but since they have been moved to another room it should go well fingers crossed. Let me know your experiences :blush:


Yes! But I’ve found it involves a lot of trial and error to find the right plants that are happy in your home environment. And herbs that are okay indoors for one person aren’t always the right match for someone else- plants can be really picky! :sweat_smile:

I always think of my favorite funny video about outside plants vs. inside plants :joy:

Depending on where I was living at the time, I’ve had mixed results with herbs indoors. They’re all okay in the short term, but it’s tough to maintain them over a longer period of time. That being said, a few that have done well in the past for me have been:

  • Rosemary
  • Basil
  • Parsley

I also recently got a Citronella Plant to use in herbal sprays and it has been doing awesome inside- much better than I expected!

Wishing you and your herbs all the best @TheMuslimWitch- happy gardening! :green_heart:


Loved the video was so funny and true! Yes well another unexpected error occurred where one of my kittens (not sure which one), decided to knock over the plant in the pot and the plants actually fell out. To top it off they spilt my 1500 puzzle on the dirt too making it extremely hard to clean it up. Finally when i was extremely annoyed by this point Luna my female kitten decided to get my tote bag caught around her neck and waist and as cats do she freaked out and ran threw the puzzle pieces and dirt dragging the bag through the mess… I was just over it and ended up laughing at my silly kitten…
Anyways, my plants didn’t seem harmed but i guess only time will tell and as you said i will have to see if they are happy indoor. I have also moved the potted herbs to a more safer location and fingers crossed he kittens can’t get to them… :woman_facepalming: :sweat_smile:


I don’t think I’ve ever successfully grown herbs indoors but honestly? I probably didn’t really try, either :sweat_smile: my plants end up taking a back seat because my life tends to get in the way of things like that.


I am trying to grow herbs in my kitchen window. Also, I have a sliding glass door that I grow plants around. Luckily, they are both on the South side of my house and it gets the most sun.
I’ve been growing Rosemary and Basil in front of the door for a few years. This year I want to add to my indoor herb selection so I put command hooks on my kitchen window and hung small buckets from them so I can put little potted plants in them and it maximizes the space! So far I only have one plant in the window and its mugwort.
The window doesn’t get as much sun as the door so I’m hoping the plants will survive living in the window space.
Love the story about your cat, plant, and puzzle. I can so relate to stuff like that. Seems like it all falls apart at once sometimes and all you can do is laugh :crazy_face:
Good luck with your green thumb! :wink:


Oh it is hard especially if you have pets. My kittens knocked the poor baby plants over again for the second time :woman_facepalming: Its like no place is safe with kittens :woman_shrugging: :smile:


Thanks i hope the kittens eventually leave the plants alone. At this point i am feel really sorry for the baby plants… :blush:


Hilarious video! Thanks for sharing.


A grow light may help.

I grew rosemary inside and it did well until I forgot to water it for close to a month. Then it struggled until the weather warmed and I was able to put it outside.


Hahaha kittens add an extra challenge to growing indoors- or really, trying to do any activity indoors :joy_cat:

Hopefully the new home for the plants is out of reach of cute, grabby little paws! :paw_prints:

I’m glad you got a chuckle out of it too! It’s one of my favorite plant videos :laughing: :+1:


I totally relate :laughing: we have one larger plant indoors and it has to stay on a tall shelf so my cat doesn’t eat it! :yum: :cat2:


My kitchen window sill faces west so it gets full sun in the afternoons. I have great success with growing herbs on that window sill. Except for dill. My cat ate it! Right now I have two little lemon trees popping up. It’s a little experiment. I got the idea a few weeks ago from @MeganB when I thought she had a lemon tree in her back yard. Any way, when you plant the seeds cover the top of the pot with saran wrap. Keep the dirt moist and in about a week or two you should have sprouts coming up. When they get about an inch tall take the saran wrap off and watch them grow.


Oh how fun! :tada: :lemon: I’m hoping to one day ask our HOA if I can plant some fruiting trees. We’ve got to have permission for some reason. It’s ridiculous but them’s the rules :woman_shrugging:


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