Can anybody explain further

So I was told to post things like this HERE to get different opinions from different witches…

So can anyone make sense of this?

I guess being an air sign one of my traits is discerning things funny because when I was growing up I was told inside of being a Christian that I had the gift of discernment from God just to come to find out it’s also linked to my astrology.

So my question is actually about two things but kind of the same thing.

1.) I wear my amulet every day now, that I blessed it. This morning I was leaned over the counter at work and I was standing there playing on my phone and my amulet was hanging down and my friend came up and grabbed it and just held it in her hand looking at it she never said a word then she let it go. But I felt such an irritation at her touching it almost like a protection feeling. I have a hard time telling people no or to stop so I don’t say anything and normally I wouldn’t feel like that if she touched a necklace I was wearing but my amulet I felt like I wanted to protect it like an “it’s mine” type feeling and I feel that with Salem my cat as well and I’ve had pets before and someone holding them and touching them has NEVER affected me this way she is supposed to be MINE and my niece keeps holding her when I’m not home and I just want her to MYSELF, does that make sense? I just feel so aggravated lately and I don’t know what is bothering me.

2.) My fiance supports me for the most part with being a witch but last night he said this “it’s all dark magic it’s stuff you have no business messing with.” And again I felt such a protection come over me and I said “you’re not taking it away from me!” He said “I’m not trying to what is wrong with you you’re obsessed with this you stay in the room and you’re constantly studying it’s like you just want to be alone with your craft…”

I am a little worried because I don’t feel much like myself and I don’t understand what is going on with me so I don’t know if this is normal like I said I am a baby witch right now but when I am not studying and reading it’s all I can think about doing is this normal whatever it is is getting stronger…


Things that are young, growing and still fragile need protection. It’s a kind of motherly instinct I think. I kept my craft hidden for a long time for that exact reason, I did not want anyone else poking and judging while I was still trying to figure things out myself. After growing more secure in my attachment I could let others in too. But if you get judgey, you’re still out. I can usually tell pretty well beforehand who to trust with that.

And you absolutely have a right to set boundaries and tell people when they’re crossing them, even sternly if they don’t believe otherwise. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise :heart:


With your amulet, that is your property and you have the right to set boundaries. Or you could place it inside your shirt when you know that you’ll be around that person.
Sorry I can’t help with the cat situation. But I do agree with @CelestiaMoon
Being new to the craft can be intimidating because you want to learn everything you can and to be researching. I have no problem with that lol but maybe talk to your fiance and tell him that with anything new, you need to research. That takes time. Spend some time with him. Or make time. I hope it all works out for you :relaxed:


Really great questions @triplemoonlove9091- thank you for asking them! :pray::sparkles:

I think that is an absolutely valid feeling :+1: Your amulet is something very special to you- even if you’d be fine with your friend touching normal jewelry, it’s okay to draw a line and not be okay with her (or anyone) touching your sacred items.

Celestia Moon makes a great point about becoming more sure and secure about things over time, and I agree! As you become more secure with your magickal identify, you’ll likely not feel the need to hide or protect your things so strongly.

But having said that, I have to admit I’m the type of person who doesn’t like anyone touching any of my things :sweat_smile: I feel the same way as you do and I get frustrated when people touch my things- especially without asking or showing respect. I do allow my partner to (respectfully) handle my Tarot cards, but there are still some things that I don’t want anyone else to mess with! Although in this case it’s less about energy corruption (I see my partner as part of my soul- what I can touch, they can touch too) and more about keeping things organized and where I left them haha.

All in all, I completely understand your frustration over the amulet and I agree with Christina- if you’re not comfortable confronting directly, then you may be better off concealing it from view in order to prevent people from touching it :shield: :sparkles:

There’s something about finding the Craft that feels like coming home- it’s welcoming, it feels right, and it’s really exciting! Even years into my formal study, I still go through phases where I latch onto a new topic and want to explore everything about it :laughing: :+1: There are ups and downs- periods of rest and periods of energy in the Craft, but there’s nothing quite like that first dip into magick and the excitement of a new world of possibilities.

I would say it’s totally normal to want to immerse yourself in any exciting new thing- be it the Craft, a hobby, a new area of studies, etc. It seems that your fiance is a bit nervous about it, but from what you’ve said, it sounds like he’s more worried about black/baneful magick.

You might want to sit down with him and explain heartfully what you’ve said here many times- that you have no desire whatsoever to work magick that harms anyone. He may not know much about witchcraft or have an altered opinion of it formed by the media. If it helps, you are welcome to share with him that there are many different kinds of witches and many of them avoid baneful magick completely (such as yours truly and many others here! :raised_hands:).

Hopefully, through open and heartfelt conversation, you can express your goodwill and find his support once again :blush:

Wishing you all the best- Blessed be! :pray::sparkles:


Wow. Thank you so much for your insight and wisdom. All of you!


Hello :slight_smile: Reaching out is a great thing as objective responses help as you know. For me, the fact that it worries you is the root of the issue. You, yourself, feel that this behavior isn’t natural for you - then it isn’t.
It may be something as simple as your discovering a new talent within yourself. This can elicit powerful emotions, especially for those of us who have issues setting appropriate boundaries with others. You may in fact be using this as a tool to set those healthy boundaries almost like creating an excuse to do so. That, I believe, is healthy and wise - within reason.
You may want to consider stepping back. Allowing the studying and learning you’ve done to ‘settle’ and enjoy the company of those you love around you. Maybe actively incorporating the knowledge you’ve gained into your everyday activities and sharing it with those you love in small increments.
I can imagine that those around you MAY find you so absorbed in this newfound passion that they miss your company!
Enjoy yourself as best you can while doing no harm to others.
Best wishes


I was going to say that the amulet you blessed so it is connected to you & it’s yours, so that’s a valid feeling. & to a degree I do the same thing with my stuff, it’s mine & mine alone.

Where you aren’t feeling like yourself though, you may need a gentle break from all the rabbit holes that you get hidden in & research. I know there is a lot of interesting things to learn & you want to learn to it all, right now. You have time. Take it slow. Like when something else comes up, put a pin it & focus on the area of study at hand.

I would definitely let him know that you expressly have reiterated you want no part of baneful/dark magic. So it may calm both of your anxieties if you talk to him a little bit & kind of let him into where you’re at & what you’re learning. I know my husband supports what I practice & what I believe, but I also have explained to him what it is that I am doing or learning. Now he helps me bring my crystals in & out under the full moon or makes me a pentacle chandelier with 5 mini cauldrons to put tealights in & hang by my fire pit. He calls me outside for a good view of the moon & lets me run his birth chart & the kids.


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