Can anyone list the daily teas?

Hi everyone, so although i have been here a while, one habit i haven’t got into as of yet is the daily teas which are listed in each daily ritual. I haven’t taken notes and know it will slip my mind again, so was wondering has any witch here written them down in their Grimoire or any where else? For example today is Lavender tea since it is a Wednesday, and would love to buy each one and have it written down on hand so i can start my day with a nice brew… I searched Spells8 but can’t see the whole list maybe i have missed it somewhere?
Any help would be appreciated :blush: :heart:


Hi @TheMuslimWitch!

While I believe the “tea of the day” only appears on the Daily Ritual page (which is updated daily), it is possible to get the whole collection of teas for your Book!

Here are all of the current Guided Tea Meditations on Spells8:

If you click on each meditation you should be able to see the Printable Page for each tea (and can download them for your Grimoire/BoS if you’d like!) :blush:

Wishing you happy tea times- cheers! :tea:


I don’t know them all but I read them most days and I can try to help. I believe yesterday was pu erh, Sunday was black, and Thursday is green. Friday might be honey ginger or hibiscus. I tend to choose a tea meditation based on what tea I have or what I am currently making. Sometimes I play the daily tea meditation using my morning cup of green tea since I have it daily and it feels neutral to me. I might write them down and come back next week to let you know the cycle but you could also buy the 7 or 8 teas on the tea meditation page and be surprised each morning.


Well, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday have “t’s” in them but Im not sure where Monday, Wednesday and Sunday have T’s. LOL Sorry, I couldn’t resist that! (Hee Hee :joy: )


Your tea puns are tea-riffic, @alexxis- thank you for the chuckle! :joy::heart::tea:


Thank you :blush: yes I had the feeling it was just shown daily according to the day etc…


That’s actually a good idea :+1: :blush: I know I have many different teas around but wanted to try some more new ones and what a better choice than the suggested daily ones. I need to get on the ‘tea train’ since I am addicted to my coffee and if i didn’t have this encouragement would be jittery in coffee​:laughing:


Here was last week’s rotation. So far it seems to be repeating:

*Sun - honey ginger
*Mon - chamomile
*Tue - pu erh
*Wed - lavender
*Thu - green
*Fri - hibiscus
*Sat - black


Thank you so much :blush: :heart: I started to write them down this week, but being a busy mum of four and the time currently being 8:30pm and the first time since 7:30am finally being able to sit down, you can imagine i miss a day here and there and then as the weeks go by, it turns into a repetitive situation. Life saver :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :people_hugging:

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