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I light all different candles when I meditate, it’s kind of my meditation ritual. Well today I had these ones burning: white, black, blue, red, pink, green, yellow and purple. This is nothing different from my norm. Now keep in mind all these candles were the same height when I started. I then noticed that the blue one was burning alot faster than all the other ones. What is the significance of this?


First, see if you can rule out the mundane. Were all the candles the same brand? Were they “dressed?” Was the blue candle exposed to a draft? Was it close to the other candles or another heat source? It could also be related to a wick that needs to be trimmed.

Magickally, it would be helpful to know whether the flame was dancing or bent to one side. But a dark blue candle could mean that there are some deep, hidden emotions somewhere nearby. It could also mean that a lot of energy was being expended to protect you during your meditation. It could mean that your meditation will achieve its intended effect, but the effects won’t be permanent. Here’s some links to get you started, but you may want to do some research of your own on sites that you trust rather than my random searches :grin::grin:

Candle Behavior



This topic interests me too! I had a flame move in circles around the wick a couple days ago and can’t find any point of reference on possible meaning, if any.


Greetings @AmandaZ-17!

I can see you’ve already got some great advice from Ron! I agree that it’s always a good idea to begin by ruling out the mundane. Once you’re sure there wasn’t something different about that candle in particular and you’re confident that there’s a magickal meaning there, you can dive into it!

Different candle colors carry different meanings in magick (Candle Color Chart here). If the white, black, red, pink, green, yellow, and purples candles all burned normally, we can set those aside and look just at the candle that was acting differently- the blue candle :candle:

From Spells8: Blue Candle

Blue candles are a sign of spirituality as well as inner peace and harmony- it’s a good color candle to include with meditations, especially meditations for connecting with your inner power and deeper peace :person_in_lotus_position:

It may have been empowered by your meditative state- did you feel that, prior to the flame growing, you were having a particularly good meditation?

Another interpretation is that this color candle is connected to a divine being who was reaching out to you- the guide on Spells8 says that blue candles are sometimes associated with the Divine Mother or Goddess. Do you currently work with a goddess, especially the Triple Goddess? She may have an important message for you.

Anytime a meditation doesn’t go as planned and the reason isn’t clear, I recommend doing a follow-up meditation and/or divination to help get further insights and clarification :crystal_ball: :candle:

Blessed be, Amanda! :sparkles:


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