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I was doing a deity intro spread for Hades. For the card representing what types of sacrifices he would want I got the Ram card which represents animal sacrifice and I am like obviously not going to do that so trying to find an alternative interpretation of the card (separate from the artist’s) I found out that one of his sacred animals is black rams. Everything else about the spread as far as the questions/answers felt so intuitively clear to me except for this card.

How else do y’all think this could be interpreted?

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Oh, that’s a good question :thinking: I don’t personally work with Hades himself so I can’t speak to exactly what he might be asking for. Maybe he just wants you to know that Rams are sacred to him? :ram: You might try finding a statue or some kind of ram representation for him on your altar space or somewhere for him specifically.

Off the top of my head I can only think of one other person that works with Hades and that’s @Amaris_Bane (hopefully I’m remembering correctly) – maybe she can give you some more information! :blush:


@MeganB, you remember correctly!

@annakya, I’ve worked with Hades for almost a full year now. In dreams, rams represent aggression, impulsiveness, stubbornness, and immaturity. If these are issues, he asking you to “sacrifice” these emotions. He’s really big on Shadow Work and these are some traits that are often addressed during this work.

Could you share an image of the card? There maybe something in the imagery that could also have meaning behind the ram. Hades can be subtle, especially this time of year as he prepares for Persephone’s return.


Absolutely! I took a picture of the whole spread.

Yeah some of the info he relayed to me was working more on my psychic abilities and learning dreamwork [through this spread].


Lots of Hades correspondences (ram, snake, keys, vulture = death)! I see that the Ram card is also the power card. This makes sense for a sacrifice. He is asking you to give up power, allow him to guide you where you need to go. You also have the horned god symbol so there could be some giving up of masculine energy. The masculine side is also connected to labor, money, strategy, and self-restraint. Its primary focus is to express through the emphasis on efficiency and practicality (as opposed to feelings or emotions). My mention of shadow work previously really resonates here to me. I feel like he is asking you to stop looking at things logically and use your heart/intuition. Which goes along with you saying he wants you to work on your psychic abilities and dreamwork.

Do you mind sharing the spread (order and questions)? I am really intrigued by this and now want to do my own with Him.


I have done a tiny bit of work with Pluto, the Roman equivalent of Hades. The ancient Romans did offer sacrifices of black livestock but they also presented offerings of black fruits, like figs and dates. I agree with Meghan that if you do an offering for a ram, make it a drawing or sculpture of a ram. I have used coins, myself. And, personally, I don’t look back, just as with Hecate crossroads offerings. I guess you know night and outdoors for works involving Pluto is recommended. The Romans never uttered his actual name.



  1. How do you feel working with me?
  2. What are the ways I can connect with you?
  3. In what actions/rituals or other ways can I honor you?
  4. What magickal practices can I bring to our work?
  5. What offerings would you like best?
  6. What mundane practices can I bring to our work?
  7. In what area of life will you help me?
  8. What will our relationship be like?

I love this! Thank you for sharing!!