Career Change, Job Wishes 🙏

Hello lovelies!

Recently I’ve had a spiritual awakening of sorts, I’ve really struggled in lockdown and it’s brought my mental health very low.

Thankfully I’m on the up again :pray: a large part of the low was the realisation that the career field I was in really wasnt something I enjoyed anymore. :pensive:

I was recently made redundant, which sucks from a financial perspective, but I’m going to take it as a sign that the universe is giving me a reason to search out something I have a passion for :metal:t2:

Anyway, I think I’ve found something I would really enjoy and be really good at; refuge project worker. Luckily, there’s an opening locally- only problem is its a whole new career path so I have no experience from a professional point of view.

I’ve wrote up my application and I’m sending it out tomorrow, if you could all send some positive energy my way in the hope that they’ll give me a chance, I’d really appreciate it! :zap::sparkles:

As always, thank you :heart:


Sending positive thoughts and vibes and support and prayers :pray::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thank you @christina4! It means a lot :sparkles:

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Good luck with your application @mrs :blush:
I’m sure you’ll do great, sending you lots of positive energy :dizzy:


You’ve got this :). Sending you so much positive vibes! I’m a project manager and am just an email away ;). I’ve got faith in you @mrs


You’re welcome :blush:hope all goes well

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Sending best wishes and white light to you.


Sorry that it’s been a struggle lately for you, @mrs, but I am so happy and so excited for you as your start down this new path! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Starting a new career is a big change- if you can, maybe consider taking some online classes or watching a few YouTube videos to learn more about any aspects of this new career path you’re unsure of. You may find that you already know a lot about it, and if so that added confidence will give you a boost! :+1: Whenever I’m learning a new skill or trying a new hobby I haunt YouTube for hours to learn whatever I can- there’s definitely some murky info out there, but also so many great resources too! :books::blush:

I’m so happy you’ve found a new path that is calling to you- I wish you all the best, and am sending my blessings to both you and to your application! :pray::two_hearts: You have such a big heart and so much kindness in you, I can see you thriving as a refuge project worker and making a big different in the lives of many people who could use your light and warmth :sunny::two_hearts:. Whether this is the right path, or there’s something further ahead up the road- you are on the way to an exciting new change! :blush:

Sending you all the best of thoughts and prayers! Good luck! :pray::heart:


@TheTravelWitch thank you so much! That’s very kind of you to say! :slight_smile::two_hearts:

I will definitely check out some online courses! :+1:t2: Sounds like a good idea!

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