Cast More Powerful Spells with the Witch's Pyramid

Is it just me or did anyone else think he looks like Sean Hayes from Will & Grace? You HAVE to get that ALOT. Really handsome guy and so so funny. I was a BIG time Will & Grace fan in my 20s. Great info. Thank you so much. I clicked because I thought u were Sean Hayes younger brother but I kept watching when i knew u werent. :grin:


Ohh wow this is Incredible @Francisco :heartpulse: Specially this,

I have always, literally always devoted whatever in the world spell or ritual or magick I do, with Pure Love…and just like you wrote here; LOVE has been my soul’s call since my past lives perhaps! (I have that sort of feeling) :face_holding_back_tears: Also, I have always thought what is magick without love as the key ingredient? Today…today I feel that I was always right! After seeing your post, well, I literally feel like someone just whispered into my ears - “See? I told you…Love is the only source of Magic!” Really, thank you for sharing this, I feel all the four pillars of magick…are truly combined in this one single word - L.O.V.E.:heart:
Love & Light to you dear, Blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


Love is the answer
Love heals
Love wins
Love Conquers
If not love my dear, then what?

Reverse the pyramid paradigm of the powers - Love first, then the other cornerstones BECOME.
:infinite_roots: :green_heart:


I love this! Thank you for sharing!


This is awesome! Thank you for sharing this!!


This was powerful. Meaningful. Sacred.
It help me to understand and acknowledge all that I knew was true and correct. I hope many read this.

Blessed :honeybee: