Celtic Fairies outside of Celtic Countries

Wow, there really are a lot! Thanks for sharing, Tracy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It does make me ponder too- like Megan said, tales about local creatures here in the US don’t seem to be nearly as popular as tales of creatures from other places. Perhaps it’s less scary to think about critters far away, as opposed to the ones that might be in your backyard? :joy:

Creatures and magick combined? That sounds like a fun book! :closed_book: :star_struck:


I haven’t read it (yet) but it seems good! It may just be folk magic, but that’s still interesting!

This is the book: https://www.amazon.com/New-World-Witchery-Trove-American/dp/0738762121


@MeganB wow… this is sooo wild, I’ve been wondering/researching trying to find more reliable information. The very first deck I I was given is Healing with the Fairies Oracle Cards and I’ve had then a minute now but didn’t quite feel super connected with it.But then about 2 weeks ago I was like really feeling drawn to them, like seeing fairy (esk) EVERYTHING.

@marsha They were in this documentary about Ireland & the fairy trees & mounds. And the people in Ireland would never move a fairy tree or mound, and the ones that have, have lost everything


Agreed! It’s got 480 pages and a solid 5-star review- looks very promising indeed :eyes: :heart:

Don’t mind me just dropping that onto my wishlist… :laughing: :+1:


Am going to read this. :sparkling_heart:


It sounds like you’re finding a connection to the Fae and your oracle deck. That’s awesome!

It’s on mine, for sure! I’ve listened to their podcast for a while, too. It’s the same name - New World Witchery!

I hope you enjoy it! Oh! You can even add it for the :books: Spells8 Book Club!!


@MeganB Wait no way?! They have a podcast i need that in my life definitely! Yes girl they were gifted to me by my very special soul sister the beautiful strong ass woman who helped my realize my true power & journey!

The cards are absolutely gorgeous! My shitty tablet doesn’t do them justice. But ive been obsessed w them!


Yup! They’ve had a podcast for quite a while, and it’s one of the first podcasts I ever listened to on the topic of witchcraft. They’re the ones that inspired me to start my own podcast :joy: here’s their link!

Podcasts – New World Witchery – The Search for American Traditional Witchcraft

I love that deck - it’s so pretty! I’m glad you were gifted it and that you’ve found a connection to it. It’s beautiful!