Change Username

Hi! Mistakenly, I put my real name on my profile instead of my craft name.
Now that I have changed my real name in for my craft name, I want to change my username @kelly8 as it still says my first name but I cannot seem to change it. How do I change my username. Thank you!


Hello @Aedreysa - your username has been changed! :grin:

I think “Aedreysa” is a beautiful name. May I ask how you chose it/ if it means anything? :heart:

Blessed be!


Hi-thank you for asking, how nice! My birthname was Aedreysa but I was adopted. My name was changed TWICE!!! Sherry, then Kelly.
So to honor the name-since I feel it is essentially who I am at the core, I have been using it for the craft, since being a witch is who I am at the core as well. <3


That is beautiful, @Aedreysa! :blush: We may receive many names and titles during our lives, but I believe that the most powerful names are the ones we choose for ourselves.

I think you chose a very beautiful and strong name to tie into your magickal practice! Blessed be, Aedreysa! :pray: :heart: