Changing deities

So, when I made to switch to being a Pagan, I thought my deities were Brigit and Bellanouse(sp?) as I am of Celtic heritage. But many signs in the clouds and such have lead me to realize that my deities are actually Hathor and Thoth.

Has anyone else realized that it was another deity/deities that they were supposed to worship?


Yes! I spent a lot of time researching Celtic deities as I’m Irish and Scottish. When I was ready to start working with them, I tried reaching out and nothing. This confused me because I felt a strong presence of someone with me so I was certain one of them had to be teaching out to me!

Fast forward a month of this with no change. I did a meditation one night asking the presence I felt to come forward and identify themselves. And emerges Aphrodite. Not what I expected.

I was not totally shocked because when I started to think back on it, all the signs were there. I have been obsessed with Greek mythology from childhood. When I started to get this feeling of presence, I suddenly started collecting seashells and buying myself roses.

While it was an abrupt change, I went with the flow and switched my research to her and it blossomed into a great relationship.


This resonates with me. I have always had a passion with Ancient Egyptian history and their deities. I was surprised it was Hathor as she was ‘replaced’ by ISIS. Thoth does not surprise me as I am always wanting to learn more


I can understand that surprise. But remember that even if they get replaced in our mythology, they are still here. Good luck on your journey!!


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