Checking in, been a while

Good evening all (or day, depending on when you read this)

Figured I would check in as I’ve been very quiet on here for a while. I have gotten pretty much all that needed to be wrapped up taken care of. My financial situation is actually all paid up-- much to my surprise, lol I made a payment and then got a tax refund, so I managed to get all that was owing paid off. I am now back in the clear, thank the Goddess, and I’m feeling so much weight off my shoulders. I know she helped get me there, so…yeah…lol. Feeling so much more relaxed.

As to my daughter, I got talking to my neighbor and we were able to verify that this floor and the building in general is strongly haunted. My neighbors, both of them, are sensitive. The husband says he sees the spirits as he see people normally, just walking around. He also mentioned there is a portal about 20 feet away from the building on the 5th floor, so that explains the traffic.

I managed to solve the issues for now with my daughter and whispering. She still sees a dark figure at the end of her bed, but the whispering and voices under her bed have stopped.

Interesting story that I never got to share: the one night she heard banging in the unit next to her. I know for a fact it was empty as the maitenance person earlier that day had made mention as he got off of the elevator of locking the door. And the tenants have moved out. They don’t normally do work in units late at night, as far as I know. So it may have been someone in there but she said it was loud, as if it was on the other side of the wall. The only thing on the other side of her portion is the living room area of the other unit.

She also heard a very distorted cry that night and texted me. I was completely out and not known to talk in my sleep. So not sure but it was the same night as the banging.

Just an interesting story for those that believe in that sorta thing.

So all in all, things are going well :slight_smile:



Oh, that is a lot to deal with. When you mentioned the banging, I thought I would share something. As you already know it could be ghosts, of course, it might be something supernatural. But I have this thing, it’s called exploding head syndrome. If my sleep gets out of whack or I stay up too late, sometimes I hear this BAM! Like someone banging furiously at my front door. It really scared me the first few times I heard it, since it was late at night and I was asleep (or at least I thought I was asleep). It sounds very real. I have other parasomnias, like you, like talking in my sleep, and parasomnias run in families, and sleep hallucinations are also very real, I have had some doozies, which I thought were ghosts until I learned more about parasomnias. So, again, not saying what your daughter is experiencing is this or that, but just sharing because I know what it’s like to have some freaky nights!


Glad you managed to catch up my dear! I know they say that money can’t buy happiness but it sure causes a lot of worries if you don’t have it.

I’m sorry you’re living in a haunted building, you’d probably have to go from top to bottom to cleanse it to get it cleaned out. Maybe a book on psychic self defense would be good for her? Might help her feel better at least.


Hello @Dierna_Nimue_Selene,

That is a wonderful update to hear- congrats! I’m happy that things are moving in a positive direction and that the weight of the financial stuff is off your shoulders. That must be a big relief- you deserve a break from the stress! :people_hugging:

Yikes! Although I do have to say that it’s neat that you were able to connect with your neighbors who have strong senses as well. Maybe they have some strategies for how they deal with any spirit activity in the area when it happens? I imagine it would take a lot of protective/self defense measures if the floor is indeed haunted by so many spirits.

Hopefully they all come (and go!) in peace. Wishing you and your daughter all the best- may there be many more positive and happy things to come! :heart::pray:

Blessed be :sparkles:


That’s amazing to hear, @Dierna_Nimue_Selene :clap:

Financial struggles are zero fun for anyone, and I’m super glad you’ve been able to get things taken care of and back to where they need to be! It’s as Amethyst said – whoever said money can’t buy happiness has never gone without food due to lack of money. And whoever says money can’t buy happiness can just toss some of their money my way :rofl:

It definitely sounds like the building is haunted. Hopefully whoever is there doesn’t cause any actual harm. Noises and knocks I can handle, especially if I know where they’re coming from and who’s causing them. Damage and harm? No thank you :no_entry_sign:


Thanks, guys. It’s been such a blessing to add having this forum to my support systems, to be honest. Before this, I would have been a mess. Now, I don’t feel so alone. But then again, I feel like switching to being Witchy has also helped me be stronger mentally-- I have learned to trust that I can handle what is thrown at me, if that makes any sense.

You know, I will pay more attention if it occurs again and research into that. I’ve actually never ever heard of ‘exploding head syndrome’ so you never know. Thanks for enlightening me on that, much appreaciated


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