Chiron Retrograde July 15 - December 19, 2021

Chiron enters retrograde on July 15, 2021, joining Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. All of these cosmic bodies retrograde annually, so this energy is part of the natural rhythm we experience each year.

Chiron adding to the retrograde mix however, brings a new dynamic to work with and shifts its energy to the forefront. This is especially true the day Chiron goes Retrograde, and the day it stations direct, which occurs on December 19.

As the poet Rumi says- the wound is where the light enters you.

The position of Chiron between Saturn and Uranus is also significant to understanding the energy it brings.

Saturn is a very grounded, rooted energy, whereas Uranus is considered a planet of a higher vibration. Uranus’ energy can also bring about awakenings and the rise of kundalini energy.

Chiron can act as a bridge between these two states of being and is sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow bridge signifies the linking between one state of consciousness and the next, and this idea is further amplified if we look to Egyptian Astrology.

A lot of the myths and legends that are used in Western Astrology can be traced back to Egyptian and Babylonian astrology, and Anubis can be seen as Chiron’s counterpart.

Just like Chiron, Anubis was abandoned as a child. It was through this painful upbringing that Anubis was also able to rise up into the noble profession of the Guardian of the Underworld.

It was the job of Anubis to welcome the newly dead to the underworld and to guide them as they transition to the afterlife.

It takes a special soul to be given such a position, and no doubt, it was Anubis’ own pain and suffering that allowed it to develop the compassion, discernment, and loyalty to walk souls through such a journey.

As Chiron or Anubis travels retrograde, we are able to go within to our own wounds and reflect on how we can use them as a source of power and healing.

This energy is not about obtaining a state of perfection through healing, rather it is about bringing acknowledgment and acceptance to our wounds in a way that allows us to access the wisdom they can bring.

For the rest of the article & more information about the planets which are retrogade & Chiron going retrograde in a few days: Chiron Retrograde


I first looked into Chiron when @MeganB shared Where is Your Chiron- it’s a very interesting to hear more about this orbiting comet! :comet:

It really seems like so many planets are in retrograde right now- a good thing to keep in mind! This was a fascinating read, thanks so much for sharing @Siofra! :heart:


Thank you because I don’t usually keep up with astrology. Not lately anyway.


I mean, I know there are things in my life and past that need healing but for real? The universe is just gonna make me face them anyway? :laughing: But I’m not ready!

Honestly I’ll probably never be ready (and I’m making a mental note to call that therapist) but it seems like I may not have a choice.

Thank you for sharing @Siofra and for giving us a heads up! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I feel like I have been doing a lot of healing without Chiron going retrograde, I’m not sure that I am ready for more of the same! On a side note, I had my psychiatrist appointment today & I don’t have another appointment until September. So that’s a good feeling.

You are very welcome @MeganB! I hadn’t done an update on the planets in a while & thought that the Chiron information was good to know since we had done the astrology challenge.