Clarification of devotional

While researching Dieties stumbled across Bast(et) who appears to be related to Hathor (in some rather detailed research- my favorite thing to do!) . In reviewing the devotionals, it states within to banish and destroy “witchcraft”. (HUH?)

Wouldn’t that be counter productive to what one is trying to accomplish- becoming a stronger Witch? Using simple logic here nothing complicated, just need some clarification on this please.


Yes. This is a semantic issue that comes up often. For example here: “protection from witches”.

In the past and in older books, the term “witchcraft” was almost always associated with evil practices. So when you read “against witchcraft” it means you should interpret it as “against evil witchcraft”.

Today as we try to reclaim the word and establish the concept of “positive witchcraft” or witches not necessarily being evil, these old expressions sometimes slip through the cracks.

That devotional was inspired by a very ancient text and that’s why the phrasing seems to not make sense. I will update that as soon as I can. Thanks for the notification!


Thank you FH.

Just taking things at face value can be daunting and confusing to say the least :slight_smile: