Cleaning is there anything more boring?

Well today is cleaning day. Not that my house is very messy as i do a big clean once a week. But honestly i cant think of anything more boring. I really hate cleaning. But i know its a part of life. Its just so not fun. Some parts are like organizing my clothes and shoes but dishes and sweeping and vacuuming is not do fun


Just make it witchy! You can always incorporate a good magical cleansing into your regular cleaning habits :partying_face: :magic_wand:


I’m the opposite. I enjoy doing dishes and vacuuming, but I dread organizing! Of course, it doesn’t help that I am terrible at it! :rofl: It is more fun when you make it magickal, as @MeganB suggested. It’s much more enjoyable when I put a simmer pot on the stove, turn on some good music, and think about how good it feels to get it done. :grinning: :tulip:


LOL I can’t clean for more than 5 minutes without listening to music! With music, once I start it is non-stop. I also enjoy throwing things away.

Check out Marie Kondo if you don’t know about her yet


I can clean no problem when its dark outside it’s during the day i have issues. I actually have alot more energy after the sun has gone down.


I love organizing everything! And I get to do it over and over again because no one else in my house likes to keep anything organized :crazy_face: . LOL, @Francisco I’m totally with you, I love getting rid of the clutter. I just completely downsized all my arts and crafts stuff and donated a lot of it. It felt so go it get it decluttered! It’s time for the kitchen! The scrubby scrubby part isn’t my favorite but it is always so much nicer when it’s done.


I’ve been doing Spring :blossom:cleaning and trying to rid the clutter room by room. I just finished my office :fax:/sacred space :pentagram:/baby garden :seedling: area this morning.

Our patio door shattered this winter so it got replaced the other day and I rearranged that area to hold a large part of my plants. The new door is so clear and lets in a lot of sunshine to make my plants happy. :smiley:

My oldest son is coming to visit next month :airplane: :smiley:so the guest bedroom will probably be next.

Oh GEEZ!! then there’s the closets!!! I need to go thru and downsize every nook!

I am pretty much doing the Marie Kondo method it appears. Thank you for the link @Francisco .

My husbands work is really frustrating so I really feel a ‘MOVE’ coming on. We’ve been here about 5.5 years now. We both miss the quiet of the country and of course he wants better working conditions. Either way downsizing our stuff is a good idea :bulb:

I am so ready for a hot bath :bath:, meditating, and some spell work :wand_tarot: :candle:



Im actually trying to downsize my clothing but i cant seem to decide to get rid of much other then what dont fit no more.

Mostly because im well lets say im purging my teenage wardrobe and replaceing it with new things that adult me likes to ware.


I can relate so much. I’ve been called a creature of darkness more than once in my life :joy:

Cleaning… :broom: I guess I’m a reactive cleaner, I see a particularly annoying mess, I clean it up and feel satisfied. I vacuum semi-regularly and it’s kind of a meditative experience for me. Organizing is sometimes fulfilling once I get started, often I don’t. I have plenty of stuff I could give away but arranging that feels like pulling teeth.

What feels enjoyable has a huge impact on my motivation. I have this theory that I’ve been a succubus in a previous life :sweat_smile:


Love this idea! i too just did a mini clean of my sacred space and i enjoyed it a lot. It gave me a enlightening feeling. I also got to reorganise a lot of my equipment and items. An idea could be by visualising you are sweeping all the bad energy out from your house when you use the broom… Hope you can find it a little less annoying as i too don’t like cleaning therefore my house looks like a tornado when through it 99% of the time. This may be due to the fact i have 4 little munchkins that are the equivalent to a tornado lol :blush: